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Baru sekitar 20% mainannya keluar... 🙄 tunggu 15 menit lagi full out *empunya sebelah kanan... 😒
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#invitationtoplay today is to draw anything about Spring🌸🌿🌼 Reggio Emilia Approach emphasizes the importance of environment as third teacher. Think carefully how we prepare their learning environment so that it increases their curiousity as well as using the knowledge they already have. 🌻 #belajarsambilbermain hari ini adalah menggambar ttg musim semi. Reggio Emilia Approach mementingkan lingkungan sebagai guru ketiga dlm pendidikan anak usia dini. Jadi cobalah utk mempersiapkan lingkungan yg bisa memberikan keleluasaan mereka utk lebih “penasaran” lagi sekaligus utk mrk menggunakan pengetahuan yg mrk sudah tahu💞 Selamat mencoba dirumah ya, Buibu😘 #playmatters #kidsactivities #earlylearning #earlyyearseducation #kbnmoms #homeschoolpreschool #reggiokids #reggioinspired #montessoriathome #learningthroughplay #maindirumah #pauddirumah #bermainsambilbelajar #kurikulumprasekolah #prasekolah #pendidikanusiadini #creativeplay #toddleractivities #toddlerplay #kidsartwork
Halloween Comicfest. Saturday 28th October. Come down to the Halloween Headquarters at Secret Headquarters for your FREE comics, candy, face painting, kids activities and sketches! #halloween #comicfest #freecomics #fundayforkids #kidsactivities
I guess today is "Tray Day" on my IG feed! 😂 Can you tell we use them alot? They help keep me sane! Ha! Especially when activities like this are happening! Have you seen these little Mosaic Sticker Kits at The Dollar Tree? They make great little activities for my boys to do on their own in the afternoons when I need everyone to chill for a few minutes. 😝 Sometime soon, I want to pop in our Dollar Tree - maybe later this week! I always like watching what they get in for the holidays! Have you seen anything fun I should watch for when I go?
Activity Tray: @ikeausa
Mosaic Sticker Kit: The Dollar Tree
#kidsactivities #playandlearn #ikea #dollartree
Ceritanya, kemarin dia sakit panas. Lalu memilih tidak masuk sekolah. Menjelang sore kondisi badannya mulai fit. Rupanya dianmulai suntuk karena seharian hanya boleh beraktivitas di atas kasur.

Akhirnya, kami main salon-salonan. Ceritanya ayah yang jadi pelanggan. Syifa jadi hairstylistnya. Lengkap dengan nota potongnya. Potong gaya anak zaman now ini cuma Rp 5 ribu. Ada yang mau?

How about these luscious ice cream Sundays to start off your week? Tomorrow, I'm teaching my little Kinderstudio class all about Wayne Thiebaud, and I can't wait! His artwork is gorgeous to look at and so very nostalgic. And quite satisfying to my sweet tooth (donuts and ice cream and gumballs, oh my!) 🍦🍬🍰🍧🍩
Watch this space for some of our Wayne Thiebaud art adventures this week!
Bring back that childlike wonder for the whole family when you hop on our hayride this fall. Stay with us this fall and enjoy a hayride tour through the golf course complete with scary stories, a caramel apple bar, and hot apple cider. This essential fall experience is not to be missed! Find out the Top 10 Reasons to visit Pheasant Run this fall > Link in profile.
An invitation to make a 👀Monster 👀 I love how creative children get with playdoh and a few added bits! What is your favorite playdoh ‘accessory’?
This week @creativechildhood is all about ✨Monsters✨Magic✨ and ✨Mummies✨ but sure to give them a follow and tag your awesome creations #creativechildhood
This is part of the top shelf with my new moon-themed activities. We love the Hugg-a-Moon, Moon Book by Gail Gibbons (lots of easily understood moon information), and the free instant download of this lovely moon culture card designed by @themontessoricompany. The moon culture card says: "The Moon orbits the earth every 27.3 days. It has lower gravity than Earth does but it still affects the tides here on Earth." To get lots of free moon printables and see all my moon-themed activities, go to the link in my profile and search for "Free Moon Printables and Montessori-inspired Moon Activities") .
🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔
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Pumpkin name tracing! 🎃 Little Sister is sooo proud that she can spell her name and has been working hard to write it too. Our mini erasers were the perfect excuse to sneak in some more practice. 🎉
micador 48m ago
SNEAK PEEK: some of the activities included in the Globe4Kids Adventure Edition! Available now & shipped in early December (in time for Christmas)! Search ADVENTURE on our website!
Pre-purchase via our website in October and receive $10 OFF, plus the first 100 to buy get free electrics, so your globe becomes an illuminating night light!
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😍All the heart eyes for this set. 💖✨ We have one available in 12-24M & it's ready to ship! DM if interested. All pricing is on our website.

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