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This edition is by Kendall and Maddie💓✨ The strange truth this friendship was so perfect and we do not know why this is not the same but I hope and have the same friendship as before, I miss MENDALL💕😭‼️ #mendall #bros #brosforlife #bestfriends #maddieandkendall #maddieziegler #kendallvertes #melissagisoni #jillvertes #dancemoms Please tag💘 @maddieziegler @kendallvertes @melissagisoni @dancemom_jill22 @kenzieziegler @cvertes22 @ryleighvertes_ @dancemoms
Chapter 3
Hayden's POV
I went to my first period which was English. Though I knew I had to see her.. Jayden Bartels. She was my girlfriend, but we were one of those couples that would be on and off. But the reason why I couldnt really delete her from my life was because she knew something about me, and she would tell everyone if I broke up with her...
I caught up with Carson and Caden, we have been friends since kids, but when middle school came they changed so I decided I should too. During middle school I screwed up, Annie hated me after I told her I loved her. Though one thing most people have forgotten was that Johnny Orlando and I were friends. Then Johnny decided to leave me and I guess he got Annie to himself.. Back to English.. I sat down of course next to Jayden and we kind of talked about our summer Blah Blah.. The bell rings and at the same time I looked back and saw her. My ex best friend, my world. 🌎 Annie gave me a funny look and took a seat beside Mads. Oh shoot. Mads was big trouble. She was known for having like 10 boyfriends and she would force guys to like her. And I'm glad I am not one of them. She was also friends with junior, Lexi Drew. I'm pretty sure Annie hasn't heard the news about her "older sister." We took role and Annie seemed more shy then ive ever  seen her. Maybe just the first day jitters.
Annie's POV
I entered with hope with no interaction with Hayden. No looking, no staring, and no talking. I sat next to Mads. She was known for being very popular and be friends with many juniors, including Lexi. She seemed pretty nice.. I guess.
After class I went to my second period with no friends. Boring. Boring. Boring. I enjoyed my period with Johnny and Kenzie. While I made some new friends along too. During Lunch I of course sat by Johnny and Kenzie. Though I saw walking up Lexi and Mads.
Lexi-"Hey Annie the cheer team is having tryouts next week. They most likely would want some gymnasts to join and you'll be able meet some new friends.."
I said,"Okay ill consider it Lexi," and I gave her a soft smile. They both then walked away to this big group filled with preps. ~More Below~

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