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User Image borderlinegod Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:19 AM (UTC)
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User Image motionlessinwhiteahh Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:03 AM (UTC)
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This is gonna be so all over the place but happy 1 year to my account. I remember first sitting in the car at a gas station and thought I should make a fan account. Like those are things, should I make one for bmth? That'd be cool, and then then the idea for motionless in white came to mind. I'm so grateful it did. So I made it, I signed up and tried to think about a username and came up with motionlessinwhiteahh. (For anyone who wants to know how, it's like going MIW AHHHH like yelling?) I ended up posting my first picture (it wasn't even of miw 😂) and saying "this gonna be an account for all my band shit". The first person/fan page I followed was @physcoxhorror. When I followed them I thought it was the best thing ever, I saw that someone else liked the same bands as me? That was insane. At the time I was at a new high school and didn't have any friends. I didn't know anyone who liked metal or the bands I liked. I'm pretty sure I then found the Jesus of miw meme pages, that was fucking great to me so I figured I could make memes too. (WHO LET THAT HAPPEN JESUS SOME ARE VVV AWFUL). Then came the day where Devin went live on twitch. This changed a lot holy shit. So on devins steam, he was on for like 5mins and then he went offline but me and 2 peolpe kept talking in the comments. That's the first time I ever talked to my first internet friend (@chrisrnotionless) , it turned it out that their name was Phoenix and he would help me sm and be my bestfriend & someone I consider my family with time. We talked in the comments for a bit and then "exchanged" Instagram usernames. When we first DMed I was so nervous it's not even funny. I'm not sure if this is completely in the right timeline but anyways 🤷‍♀️. When Instagram live became a thing I would watch @depression_suicide_madness and laugh a lot and talk. It made me really happy and it was a really good memory I had on this account. Same with @lonesomexhorror, I'd watch her streams and be crying laughing. And how her little brother thought I was the real Ricky. Then later (STILL SORRY IF ITS A FUCKED TIMELINE) I ended up talking to a really sweet girl (@ohyeahsign) we didn't talk to much but she was incredibly kind
User Image neckdeepinyourmom_ Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:53 AM (UTC)
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*vent as fuck*
Okay so 2017 has been very bad/Good for me I came out to my mom that was a mess I learned to drive I got sick medical I fell in love for the first time had my first kiss watched everything flash before my eyes spent the whole year depressed and dragging myself around everywhere met a wonderful guy became best friends no one could compare to him I could talk to him about anything we aren’t friends anymore another one of my friends hate me and doesn’t want me at all realized I don’t get along with people my age broke my year of being clean found a girl that wanted me fucked that up now she has a boyfriend I can’t sleep at all this whole year my sleeping is fucked and now I don’t even want to sleep Bc I dream of my ex or that guy best friend and it feels so real and I curse myself when I wake and honestly all these things have taught me a lot but god I wish I had the strength to pick myself up .
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User Image lcvekoshy Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:17 AM (UTC)
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phew what a couple 👌🏻😩
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