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User Image expatvinyl Posted: Nov 24, 2017 1:03 PM (UTC)
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Day 22: Test Press

Another day I need to cheat on. I don’t own any test presses so instead I decided to show today’s haul while I went out for a coffee run. Found all these in one of my local record stores cheap bins. The artwork on Cyndi Lauper and Elton John’s albums are just beautiful as well.
I did find something else on this trip that I’ve been wanting for some time but I’ll save that for a later day in the challenge. This weekend will be a good one I reckon!
#novvinylchallenge #novembervinylchallenge #vinylcommunity #vinyljunkie #vinylrecords #vinyladdicted #instavinyl #cratedigging #dustyfingers #keepcup
User Image northwestcoffeecokarratha Posted: Nov 24, 2017 12:29 PM (UTC)
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Not long now till the jolly, fat man comes visiting.

We have received new stock of Keepcups in some great new colours.
Keepcups make great Christmas presents and stocking fillers, so if you're looking for an original gift idea come down to our stall at the Karratha City markets tomorrow night.
Don't forget you'll get the first coffee free and then .50cent discount each time you reuse your cup
#Christmas #specialgift #coffee #Karrathacity #markets #lavazzaau #reuserevolution #keepcup #reuseablenotdisposable #supportlocal #localbusiness
User Image yoki_eco Posted: Nov 24, 2017 11:30 AM (UTC)
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We have now stocked up on Keepcups! If you come in and buy one you get your first keepcup coffee free and if you bring it in for takeaway coffees you get 10% off! We also have a limited number of Star Wars cups - do come have a look! @keepcup .
#lumberjackcafe #lumberjackcoffee #se5 #camberwell #peckham #keepcups #keepcup #coffee #10%off #coffeecups #noplastic #takeawaycoffee #awesome
User Image thewatchhouseuk Posted: Nov 24, 2017 11:21 AM (UTC)
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This Black Friday all profits from the copious amounts of black coffees sold across our sites will be going to charity.
The Watch House is delighted to work with Robes Project helping the homeless of London rebuild their lives step by step.
Everyone deserves a home, not just a House.
User Image findbestidea Posted: Nov 24, 2017 10:29 AM (UTC)
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Як приклад можливого оформлення подарунка🎁 Можете віднайти і купити готові в магазині або парою кліків замовити у нас індивідуальний подарунок, який ми придумаємо і зберемо за вас, поки ви будете пити гарячий чай або какао вдома під пледом💪 #онлайнсервісподарунків #киевподарок #київподарунок #сюрприз #FBI #kyivgift #gift #surprise #термокружка #носки #шкарпетки #чай #кава #keepcup
User Image consciouscupcampaign Posted: Nov 24, 2017 9:56 AM (UTC)
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Keep an eye out for Sorcha and the road caster around wolf tone square (near Jervis) from 12! They will be running competitions to win a free keep cup! 😜 #consciouscup #keepcup #bethechange #dublin #lovindublin #competition
User Image styuorange Posted: Nov 24, 2017 9:52 AM (UTC)
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Ураа я наконец воспользовалась Аниным подарком! Эта кружка рассчитана на 227мл и я уже было приуныла, т.к в моей привычной кофейне есть только 270 и 350
Но потом! Я купила кофе 200мл в другой кофейне (почему-то на фудкорте их аж три), робко спросив: а-ааа...а можно мне в эту кружку? (уже заготовив причину - хочу взять кофе с собой, да, эта кружка с герметичной крышкой). Но тетенька за прилавком такая дада конечно, не стесняйтесь, так даже полезнее))) и еще она заценила, что тут есть штучка за которую можно держаться и не обжигать руки (я не сильна в терминологии)
В общем пока что все реагируют на мои контейнеры-кружки намного спокойнее, чем я ожидала, никто не крутит пальцем у виска и не вызывает санитаров. Осталось ввести это в привычку и не трястись каждый раз. 😱

#времяофигительныхисторий #zerowaste #keepcup #нольотходов
#кофе #coffee #ecofriendly #nowaste #экофрендли #фудкортмойдомродной
User Image hosodayama Posted: Nov 24, 2017 9:50 AM (UTC)
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沢山吸収して大きくおなりー( ´∀`)
Egal wo du bist - unsere KeepCups machen Spaß und: Du sparst bei der Nutzung unserer Cups bei jeder Außer Haus Bestellung 0,20€! Den Becher gibt es in 3 Versionen: ca 227ml in robustum Kunststoff und gehärtetem Glas, sowie ca 340ml aus robustem Kunststoff.
Erhältlich bei uns im Laden.
I'd highly recommend getting a reusable cup! For those who watched blue planet and saw the vast amount of plastic that's killing our planet and animals it's such a simple swap to make. This cup is two years old and still going strong! ✌🏻
User Image applaud_coffee Posted: Nov 24, 2017 9:04 AM (UTC)
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The Friday vibes are HERE. Coffee is flowing and everyone is buzzing 🤪
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#keepcup #friyay #coffeeshopvibes #specialtycoffee
Is there a better time to launch our 'Coffee is the New Black' tote bag than on Black Friday? Free with all orders over £25 on this weekend!
Other offers include:
SPEND OVER £50 for a free tote bag and acacia wood & glass jar
SPEND OVER £100 for a free tote bag, acacia wood & glass jar PLUS a Keep Cup!
Are you ready? Shop our Black Friday offers via the link in our bio. Go go go! ☕️ ✔️ ⚫️

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