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Contest ! BEACH ! Tag your BEACH pictures (have to do with gymnastics) to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics !
I'm starting a new contest ! It starts NOW & ends WEDNESDAY !!! It's BACKTUCKS ! Tag your pictures to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics ! Be creative !
If I get 100 more pictures tagged to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics then I'll pick 3 random followers and do something special ! Start tagginggg ! I'll pick the 3 random people on like Thursday !
I'll shout out everybody who hashtags a picture to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics !!!!! And maybe edit the picture ! It has to be YOUR picture though !!
Hashtag pictures to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics & I'll either edit them or just feature them on the page ! ❤💙💚💜💛
Congrats to @karyn9498 or winning the TEAMMATE contest ! Guys I have camp all week long so it's hard to post a lot of pictures, but please don't unfollow me ! 💔 today's contest is FAVORITE EVENT , so post a picture of your FAVORITE EVENT or you on your FAVORITE EVENT and tag it to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics !
STAG-LEG HANDSTAND ! Pleassseee enter ! Hashtag your pictures to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics ! Thanksss.
This is for you guys ! There's something to do everyday, and you all are gonna tag a picture for that day with #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics ! I'll make contests each day of there's enough pictures ! Any questions, comment !
Contest ends tonight at 8pm ! Be sure to enter !
About the Contest guys , please only two pictures per person ! (for fairness) & pleaaaase HASHTAG it ! Please DO NOT tag the account ! Simply hashtag " #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics " please & thank you ! If you have any questions please ask !
HANDSTANDS. Try to be unique & creative, I'll pick 3 winners tomorrow night. Tag your pictures to #keep_calm_and_do_gymnastics ! 👍 #GO !