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I looove Simone Legno. So I painted tokidoki (: it didn't come out as great as I would like but I'm very tired. #kattclawsgiveaway
Officially entering my first IG nail art contest. @leyamonster is having a giveaway! My nails were inspired from a birthday card my sister sent me of Arizona sky's. I also chose this art in celebration of my trip to AZ for my nieces 3rd b-day! If your wondering about the lightbulb it's my party bulb that has a remote! Super cool and part of the entry. Wish me luck..! #kattclawsgiveaway
My entry for @leyamonster's giveaway! #kattclawsgiveaway posting these on my blog tomorrow! 💜
Oh instagram how I missed thee...was only gone for two days but it felt like forever! My phone got stolen and I was going mad. Anyways, what girl that loves to skate and loves nail art wouldn't love some Ishtar Backlund inspired nails! This girl shreds and is an amazing artist! Check out her work at This tiny photo cannot do her work justice. Also,these are for #kattclawsgiveaway . Holding a light-bulb to photograph your nails is much more complicated than I had imagined.