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the cheesy #japanese food game show i watch on NHK says that tempura restaurants shouldn’t play #BGM (background music) because the sound of the #deepfryer itself is #music to the diners ears. lol 😂 so here’s my “music” making #karaage with #wasabi #cauliflowermash and @diasporakitchen pickles.
Did you know you can have your favorite ramen and appetizers delivered to your door? 😱
This is all possible thanks to Postmates! All you have to do is download the Postmates app, look for Tajima Ramen Long Beach, and start ordering! If you’re a first time customer and you use the code tajima100 you can get $100 of delivery credits! Which means you don’t have to break the bank if you want delicious food delivered to your door 💸
🍜🏃🏻‍♂️:Tajima Ramen To Go
📍: Tajima Ramen at Steelcraft
📷: @y.dni.c

Eita karaage bomm! 😋😋 Com esse molho tártaro fica melhor ainda 😍 Esse é da praça de alimentação do Outlet de Nagashima! Com a saladinha, misoshiru, arroz e tsukemono ¥1150 {+/- R$32} 😉 ⠀

📌 Wildbite Diner, Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima
Have you ever ate something so yummy that it made you wanna sing?? Is it just us?
Try our house spicy mayo + Karaage chicken bite!
🎵🎶We go rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong...chang chang changitty chang shoobop, that's the way it should beee, wha oooh, YEAH! 🎶🎵

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