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klefki 2h ago
this was just a test but since I don't post enough edits
My birthday is in two days and I'm very excited to receive the things I ordered for myself ٩( ᐛ )و
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I've been at school for 3+ hours and I'm going to be here for 2 more hours afterwards. That's more than 10 hours here. Yay :D
"If i could,
I'd bottle up the way
you look at me

And i would open it
Whenever i feel i need
A kiss

Or maybe a litle
Boost of confidence

If i could,
I'd take that look
And wear it like
a sweater

And although
Feeling this way
All of the time
Would be nice
Having you here
Would be better. "
.poem by k.p.k
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「 終わりのセラフ : Owari No Seraph Birthday Yuu FanArt 」

⠀⠀⠀ オ誕生日おめでトうございまツ !


Today is finally Yuu's birthday 💚🎉

I have a lot to say, but I probably said a lot of it during my week of posting for this wonderful day!
First of all, I really love, cherish, adore and care about this boy so much. When the series ventured further into him being a Seraph of the End, I was excited because he was something so different, yet scary, but I seriously loved that.
When he met Mikaela again, after they grew, I cried because I always re-read that part in the manga and seeing it animated and seeing Yuu's reaction was the best, because it showed just how much he cares for the people he considers his "family". He has such a caring attitude and he's ferocious when it comes to protecting his friends and family, even if he makes impulsive, rash decisions or if he's delirious to the actions of those around him. Saying that "maybe he just sees the best in people", is what I would have said, but unfortunately, it seems like he just prefers not to see the bad in the people around him at all and that sucks, but we just have to wait for him to stop turning a blind eye to it and support him through whatever he decides to do.

He deserves so much more than he already has and the one thing he deserves is his family, alive and well, and the truth about EVERYTHING. If he doesn't get any one of those, ISTG I'll be pissed because he's gone through so much and yet, he got through it all on his own or with his friends/squad/family. AND HE STILL HAS MORE TO DEAL WITH UGH MY BABY, YOU CAN DO IT 💪✨✨✨
I really want to see Yuu change and grow more as the series progresses and I want to see him become stronger as a Seraph of the End, a Black Demon Series wielder and as a person.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, goofy, angry, delirious, impulsive, loving, caring, stress-giving character, Kagami-sensei. 💚 ────────────────────

COMMENT "HAPPY BDAY YUU" !!! 💚✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨🎈🎈🎈✨
Small request for @raccoons.have.spooky.hands for guessing my recent drawing of Honey! Here's ur small negima baby uwu
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厚塗好難啊啊RR(;д;) 這裡有哪個大觸可以教我嘛QQ
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Open the caption!

[][][] 「It's kinda funny, Isn't it? That a truthful lie is the one wich always seems the most suspicious.」 [][][]
>Saga: Kagerou Project
>Anime: Mekaku City Actors
>Character: Kano Shuuya
>Artist:Sagatsu (miicat)
Satsuki (rgbstk)

#liar #black #kano #shuuyakano #kagerouproject #lies #usotsuki #redeyes #daze #anime


In wich month is it your birtday?
Mine is on December uwu

Thanks for the supporting!

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