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User Image artandinkbyanna Posted: Feb 24, 2018 10:50 PM (UTC)

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"Deers symbolize beauty and grace. They lead you to make more room in your life for love and frienship and to overcome your insecuritys. In the same time they are watchful and that's why they can show you when you should be wary." 🌹
I drew this deer for my friend @lele_2402_ for her Birthday 💕

#deer #reh #weibchen #female #grace #beauty #anmut #schönheit #purple #lila #blume #flower #art #kunst #artist #künstlerin #blue #blau
User Image evartology Posted: Feb 24, 2018 10:36 PM (UTC)

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LaKela Brown at Lars Friedrich Berlin #Abstraction is something that takes place in the mind as well as in the material reality of our lives. It’s not just that we read signs and they are meaningful, that we see images and they might hurt us. The reality of abstraction is that we #essentially think about ourselves in terms of the money we make as defining the value we have. Certain forms of confidence can be directly translated into numbers attached to bank accounts, which are at the same time both abstract and often all too #concrete. The reality of abstraction in everyday life is not just that of art being true to itself, but of us counting on it to tell us who we are, and how much. #LaKelaBrown
User Image Posted: Feb 24, 2018 10:08 PM (UTC)

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Mr. Brightside - the Killers | technique: pigmentliner
#artkarlsruhe2018 Künstlerin Nr.3 :
Mit der in Moskau geborenen Künstlerin Inna Atemova, arbeiten wir seit 2006 zusammen. Die studierte Architektin🏙📐✏️ lebt und arbeitet seit 1998 in Berlin. Ihre Bildwelten, meistens in Grautönen gehalten, haben einen deutlichen surrealen Charakter. Artemova schöpft aus ihrem persönlichen Erinnerungsraum und stellt Verbindungen zu vergangenen Epochen her. Zugleich enthalten die Arbeiten zahlreiche aktuelle Momente und Bezüge zu Utopien. So auch die Namen ihrer aktuellen Werke: #Utopie ——- #artkarlsruhe #art #blackandwhite #innaartemova #surreal #galerielauth #künstlerin #artist

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