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Awww some cuteness for your Saturday afternoon!
the carnival was weird man i feel sick also shout out to the panic attack i had while on a ride you suck
how proud could a sista be! my sister and a few other talented ladies created a zine a bit ago, called @undertonecollective. It's an oakland-based multidisciplinary arts initiative, made by artists of color (poc) and for the advancement of womxn💡I went through it all and it was captivating. it's filled with stories shared by amazing womxn and exposed me to a grand spectrum of what you would call #justgirlythings but colored girly edition. let me know if you're interested in getting one! it's a movement - come be a part of it 🕊
I have eye liner on my thigh, and I'm not sure how
I have found so much truth in this lately, (also I really love this book! Highly recommend). Today I was rushed to the ER for what turns out to be a cyst that ruptured in my ovary + a mild infection in my bladder. Apparently when my body feels shocked or intense pain it shuts down- which explains me fainting&puking a couple times. Sorry that's gross!
Anyways, I'm home now and feeling much better.
When I got home I received the sweetest package from @hamwhim 💗 filled to the brim with things to make my heart full and my eyes water. &Of course my poor husband @henkaholic was by my side the whole time being the rock I needed, as per usual, &seeing me be sick up close (sorry bout it!) haha❤️
This is definitely not a fun experience, but in it there is so much grace. Even in the timing of things I find so much grace. I am so thankful God gives us what we can handle, when we can handle it. And that He uses people as a vessel, transporting His grace in many facets and colors! #GloryToGodForAllThings #TheShack #BookQuotes #ReadIt #YoullCry #WhenThingsExplodeInYourOvary #JustGirlyThings

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