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So after Cardi B’s (@iamcardib) performance on Saturday night she went back to her hotel (Hilton Albany) with her team but not for long. Someone phoned the police to narc about a party on the second floor (which Cardi’s team had no involvement with) and complaints of a weed smell. Cardi was then woken up to find police forcing her and her team to leave. Obviously this did not go down well, she left swearing and saying to the police that they are “white pieces of shit” & “racist motherfuckers”. She later took to her insta story to reassure that she does not smoke weed and neither does her team. She continued to say that this is due to racism and that “Albany is known for being racist”. If everything said is true then it does sound like a huge assumption by the police due to her ethnicity. And that’s some pretty s&!$ police work.

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