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It's been two weeks, and I've missed you like crazy!//
Chapter 36 {Azalea's POV 1/2}
“No, you're too comfy, I don't wanna get up.”
“Come on, Azzy. Let's make s'mores.”
“But I just want to lay here with you.”
“I do too, trust me, baby. I do. Aren't you just
a little bit hungry though?”
I actually was and I did have a bit of a sweet
“Fine, lets go.”
Josh got up first, and then pulled me up to
join him, wrapping his arms around me as
we walked to the kitchen just like that.
Before he did anything else, I was lifted up
onto the countertop, and Josh stood
between my legs pressing a chaste kiss to
my lips.
“You're so pretty,” he said, causing for those
butterflies to rise into my stomach again.
“You're pretty too,” I blurted.
And he chuckled, “Thanks babe. But not as
pretty as you.”
I rolled my eyes, playfully pushing his chest
“Now show me what this pretty boy can do
in the kitchen.”
“Well, first, the Josh man is going to roast
some marshmallows to utter perfection.”
“Alright, let's see your skills.”
Josh turned on the burner that was on
the stove, and grabbed a skewer and stuck a
marshmallow through it and out the
marshmallow into the fire.
“That took so much effort,” I said
sarcastically, swinging my legs back and
forth against the countertop.
“Show me what you got then, babe.”
Chapter 35 {Azalea's POV}
“Where are we going?” I asked Josh
curiously, I didn't quite want to go anywhere
as I looked pretty bad right about now.
“Just back to my house.”
“Oh, cool.”
But in the inside I was freaking out.
We were going to his house! I had never
been to his house before, and I was
extremely nervous.
I don't know why I was so nervous, but I was,
and I didn't know what to do about it.
It's okay, it's just his house.
You'll be fine, Azalea.
You've been to a guys' house before.
But this is a guy you really like, but I liked
Zayden, no, I loved him.
But I wasted too many years on that one.
Soon enough, we were pulled up to a house,
not just any house, but a magnificent house.
I couldn't explain how beautiful it was in all of
it's simplicity.
I must say I expected something more crazy
and elaborate, but I loved this house.
It looked comfortable and cozy.
I wanted to live in this house.
“So, what do you think?”
“I think it's amazing.”
He chuckled.
“I'm glad, now let's go in.”
He grabbed my bags, before holding my
hand until we reached the door.
“Now close your eyes.”
I did as he told me to, and walked in his
house blindly.
When I did, I was astonished.
There were lights everywhere, but then there
was a fort made out of blankets and pillows,
and the lights decorated the fort.
It was lovely.
“This is so cool! You did this for me?”
“Yes, of course. I'd do anything for you.”
I gave him a hug, I never knew a guy could
make me feel this special. But I loved this
“Now, go change into this.”
And he handed me a flannel, his flannel.
“Where do I go?”
“You could just go up the stairs, and enter
any of the rooms if you'd like.”
“Thank you,” and I kissed his cheek.
I put on the flannel, and it reached the top
of my thighs.
But I loved it, it smelled like Josh.
I ran down the stairs, excited for what was to
come, and saw Josh inside of the fort, and
he looked up at me.
“Come join me, baby. I wanna give you that
Chapter 34 {Azalea's POV 1/2}
I grabbed my suitcase from the moving
carousel, and started to head towards the
exit of the airport.
I couldn't believe that I was back in New
York already.
I left Jesse in France, for a chance with Josh.
People would say I was crazy, and I'd have to
agree with them.
But I'm crazy for Josh.
I looked horrible to be meeting some guy
that I really liked, and I was extremely jet
lagged, yet I didn't even care. I was happy to
be home.
I looked for Josh in the crowd of people, but I didn't see him anywhere.
I walked to the side of the building and sat
on a bench, observing everyone else
hugging and kissing their loved ones.
Where was Josh?
But when I finally looked up, I saw the man
I was waiting for with a huge bouquet of
pink roses.
I dropped the bags from my hand and ran
into his arms.
The only downside was that I had a face full
of roses, and I didn't want anyone to steal
my things, but it was almost a perfect movie
And not just because Josh was a movie star.
2 Chapters below//
Chapter 32 {Josh's POV}
Maybe I should call her.
It's already been a week without Azalea
here, and I missed her so much.
I've been avoiding contact with her because
I didn't think it would be worth it, I messed
up and if I were her, I'd be mad too.
But I didn't like Tina, I didn't like any of the
girls I hooked up with.
They were simply just a hook up, and it
meant nothing to me, besides just having a
good time.
I didn't want anything serious with anyone
unless I actually was fond of the person, and
I never expected that to happen for me
But I couldn't deny my feelings for Azalea, I
knew that I liked her.
She was so special, and I could see that, and
I really did want her to be mine.
However, I was nervous about it as well.
The time I spent with Azalea was perfect,
but that was just something we shouldn't have done.
If we were actually in a relationship,
relationships come with trials and I don't
know if I'm actually ready for that right now.
I had to stop overthinking, and the first step
to stop it, was to call Azalea.
The phone was ringing and ringing and
ringing and I thought I'd never hear the end
of the ringing.
Then I heard her voice.
“Hey, Azalea, it's me.”
But as I was talking her voice continued to
speak, as I realized it was her voice mail.
There was always the possibility that she
wouldn't pick up her phone, maybe because
it was me or maybe she is busy.
Of course I hoped she was actually busy
though because I was dying to actually talk
to her.
After the beep, I decided to leave a short
“Hi Azalea, I miss you. I really want to talk to
you, I want to clear things up. Tina doesn't
mean a thing to me, but you, you're
everything. Please call me back, Josh.”
I just hoped she would return my call.
And I wait.
Sorry it has been awhile, but school keeps me busy! But I haven't disappeared again and I don't plan to :)// Chapter 31 {Azalea's POV 1/2}
“You rented a scooter?”
“No, gorgeous. I bought a scooter. And
we're going to take a ride. I hope you're not
too scared,” he said, chuckling.
“I am not scared, I would drive this myself.
Give me the keys,” I said sassily, but I
definitely would be scared to drive it.
“So, here's your helmet,” Jesse said,
handing me the teal protective gear.
“Help me with the strap?”
Jesse fixed the strap to my helmet, and took
my cheeks into his hands when he was
“Perfect,” and he leaned in, but our helmets
hit each other's before our lips could meet,
causing for laughs to escape our mouths.
He climbed onto the scooter, and I followed
I was excited, this is what you saw in the
movies, a couple riding together on a
scooter exploring the beauties of Paris.
The only problem was that I wasn't sure if
this is the guy I wanted to explore with.
And maybe he wasn't, I had already been to
many places with Josh, so that has to mean
something right?
But if Jesse were off, would I have even went
with him to any of the places I went to with

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