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gave me the friendship I needed so bad but she was so beautiful to me that I end up in love, I want to die because she does not love me in the same way 💔
sometimes i hate my mind. i hate how as soon as i wake up i tend to think about very self-destructive things. why do i do that? and sometimes i listen and follow those thoughts. i hate that my mind makes me doubt my mental illnesses on a good day. that one really bothers me. i hate how i purposely run myself ragged, jam pack my schedule, just so i don’t have time to slow down and think. people who know me personally may just think i have so much free time and im always making it to everything because of that. the truth is i don’t have free time. my schedule is just as jammed packed as your’s but i go to everything i can anyway on purpose. that’s what happens when you can’t stand your own thoughts. you run away from tired all the time yet i run still. not healthy, not a good coping mechanism, but the other ways i cope aren’t either..

i’m going to make this kinda into a diary sort of page if you don’t mind
I only stan two(2) dads
Ac: @lolaudios
Dt: @joshuadun @tylerrjoseph whom I love with all my heart,you two have helped me through so much❤️💕
#omgpage #lovsersrct
its about to be 9 months since my show and i was watching the sleepers version of wdbwotv and I completely forgot these last clips were from my show. Im totally not crying rn.
i have this saved in my phone for no damn reason tbh
why am i crying to hard times right now i need help also i’m not 13 anymore what

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