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My dear friend and colleague passed away this morning. 😰 Throughout your life, you'll discover that God places key people in your life who open doors. Jody Davis was one of those people in my life. At the age of 22, fresh out of college, I went to my first job interview @ MHS and Jody was the one who saw potential in me and gave me a chance. I would not be where I'm at today without her. My heart is full of great memories and she will be cherished forever. 💯 See you in heaven, Jody! 🙏 #restinpeace #rip #jodydavis
One of my favorite moments from Big Church Night Out tour! @newsboys Jody Davis solo part in The Cross Has The Final Word...he is an incredible guitarist & I love his vocals! Man of few words but not he can shred a guitar! 🎵🎸🎵🎤🎵#jodydavis #newsboysrock #newsboys #bcno