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Hey, have you signed up for our complimentary webinar for the month. "Positioned for promotion"

Yes, we're going to talk about positioning ourselves to move beyond the cubicle and to the corner office (on the top floor)! Join us October [email protected] 7 PM EDT

Click the link in the bio to sign up now.
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Happy Diwali! Glow with happiness, joy, and prosperity on this day and always ✨✨ #diwali
Effective Resume Writing Tip: Identify your accomplishments. Accomplishments should be unique to you, not just a list of what someone else did.

Be sure to contact Sam's Word at for all of your professional writing needs.
Resigning can be a delicate and stressful situation - I have compiled my top tips on how you can manage this part of the job search process in the best way. To watch the full vid click the link in my bio.
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Resigning can be a delicate and stressful situation - luckily our Director has compiled her top tips on how you can manage this part of the job search process in the best way. To watch the full vid click the link in our bio.
#wednesdaywakeup #jobtips #careertips #resigning #realestate #property #jobsearch #sydney
If you currently looking for employment and want to stay in touch for future career advancements, contact me and subscribe to the Employment Newsletter. Stay current on available positions as they come in. Looking forward to working with you and for you in your employment search. #contactme
TFW your placeholder is the bane of your existence...Catch my cautionary tale @blogjamatlantic ...How To Not Start a Blog for a Whole Year
Raise your hand if you've ever wondered exactly what information you should include on your resume... It's hard to figure it out on your own, but I've broken it down for you in my latest post on! Head on over and check it out! (Link in profile)
The thing about tiny goals is one tiny goal can often be the difference between doing nothing and doing something. Think about that for a minute...That tiny action can literally be the difference between success and failure… not ten tasks, not one hundred tasks… ONE task. ONE action completed. ⠀

So if you are feeling like turning around your situation is a huge task, I can tell you that actually what stands in your way is only one tiny action, ANY action. So forget how huge it feels, forget whether you can, whether you should, any of that bullshit and instead pick what the tiniest of next steps would look like. ⠀

It could be as tiny as reading the first paragraph of that textbook, laying out the clothes you are going to wear to go to the gym, checking the price of that flight, sending a text to someone to meet for coffee to pick their brains… I actually challenge you to make it the smallest action you can think of. Don’t say you’ll read a chapter or even a page, say you’ll read a paragraph. It’s achievable, it’ll prove how easy it was, you’ll feel good about yourself and you’ll feel motivated to do more. ⠀

Struggling to work out the bigger picture so you can decide whats next? You’re welcome to join my free Facebook group and download the priority matrix file I created for you in excel or word format in the groups file section. I created it just as a gift from me to you, totally free and no email required :-) Link to group in my bio 💕
Ladies, I’m speaking to you today. We have a tendency to share of our lives to the n’th degree on social media, but we have the WORST time bragging about ourselves when it comes to our careers. Let me tell you something: you aren’t going to rise to the top unless you tactfully brag about yourself a bit. Because if you don’t, who will? || full article on the blog today. .
📸: @belongmag
LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER: This candidate looks good on the paper resume he sent over but how does he really look in reality? Learn and see more about his past work and about him through his Recruit profile, a portfolio which has his videos and pictures of his past work and about who he is in it.
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Rejection feels awful, especially when you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into your job application.
So it might not be the outcome you hoped for but don’t forget your manners.
With so many companies not bothering to even communicate the outcome of your application, it’s not a great idea to respond to the ones that do by telling them they’re wrong.
Be gracious!
Ask for feedback by all means, but ask because you’re interested and want to improve not because you want to refute everything they say.
Given that not all companies provide it, getting feedback can be a gift.
You may not agree with everything they say but remember that the hiring manager is acting in the best interests of the company. And just because you were rejected this time, for this particular role, doesn’t mean you won’t be considered for or offered another.
We can assure you of this though, if you react badly, the chances of a hiring manager calling you when another opportunity comes up are fairly slim.
If you need help with your interview technique or putting together your CV, get in touch.
A journey began today !! 🚶🏃🏼
A journey of two young boys who grew up together.. dreamt together..& worked together... Today, these two young boys have joined hands together for many more young girls & boys like them to make them see their dreams more clearly, help them achieve the actual facts for jobs after education & help them in getting work ... #JobsUnlimited is a platform for both people seeking jobs as per their qualifications & skills & for the people searching for job doers as per their requirements.. "We may not help you in getting what you desire of ... But we will surely let you help in enjoying what you deserve of ..." -@jobsunlimited_official
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