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EVAGOLOTUS. Staring at you all enjoying a lovely summer Sunday afternoon. Bethesda Fountain. Central Park. NYC. #lotus #bethesdafountain #water #reflection #evagolightly_newyork DEDICATED TO MY GORGEOUS SISTER CLAUS. Miss u, Patito Salazar!!!!
ludekj 273w ago
We wanted to visit Tullamore Dew Herritage Centre - they're closed till September!!
ludekj 274w ago
Tourists on the walk in Prague historical centre.
mat_red 274w ago
#Meridian. // "Swallowed within a cloak of darkness, I found myself lost in the bowels of sub-basement B--searching. Searching for an exit. For a light. For a way out of this intern graveyard. Searching, for an answer. Rumor had it none had ever truly escaped the fog. But I was determined. I would not lose myself within the mystery of dark. I would not lay down to die within the black cloud of the old world. I would, touch the light..... And then I hit it. The Meridian."

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