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I haven’t been able to watch the new episode but I want to watch it so bad
| vid cred: @yoengi |

good night guys, im heading to bed soon, my birthday is tomorrow i am excited !! ily all so much, im a few away from 8.7k that would be an amazing birthday present :) ❤️❤️❤️
xeuniya 10m ago
I'm sorry for not drawing anything on your birthday, 지민.. ㅠㅠ Please forgive me ~ #jimin #jiminie #지민 #지민이 #drawing #sketch
Me causa demasiada ternura verlo así, siento que una parte de mi corazón está llena de ternura♡
Gracias Park Jimin por existir y hacer de mi vida una llena de felicidad y ternura♡♡
#Jimin #mochi #jiminie #parkjimin #bts