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Getting to Capri was easy...leaving was a different story. There's something special about the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks Capri Palace for a wonderful time.
I've put $2 of gas in my tank just to get to work. I've put $30 in my tank. I've taken the bus and I've given rides. I've gone out for steak and I've gone to parties just to eat because I didn't know when I would eat next. I've donated clothes and I've been given clothes. I've wasted money on things I didn't need and I've had to put back groceries at the cash register. I've had my rent paid in full and I've had to pay it late. I've shared a 3 bedroom trailer with 5 roommates and I've lived in a big two story house. I have prayed for others and I've needed prayers.

Life has it's ups and downs and nobody is better than anyone. You can fall from your high place in the blink of an eye. How you bounce back from that fall or whether you bounce back at all shows how much heart you have. But no matter how high you make it, always stay humble. If life is a bitch, she's gonna make me a sandwich!

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📷 @debodoes | "If you want to realize just how colorful L.A. is, go down to Venice Beach. You see people roller skating with transistors at their ears, selling new clothes, selling old clothes. Then there's the muscle people pumping iron and the volleyball players in the sand. You can find just about every element of L.A. there." - Gail Midgal 😎 What’s your fave L.A. spot and why? #discoverLA
Um dos maiores empresários do show business em torno do globo, @guyoseary vai aproveitar a turnê da banda U2 pelo Brasil para dizer sim a modelo Michelle Alves. Os dois vão realizar uma cerimônia linda – e íntima – na cidade maravilhosa, bem aos pés do Cristo Redentor, nesta terça-feira (24.10). Bono, Alicia Keys, Ashton Kutcher e Mila Kunis, Madonna, Pharrell Williams, Angélica e Luciano já estão confirmados na lista. Promete! #JETSETTERS #married #casamento #love
Although this prison cell looks like a typical Alcatraz cell, it actually made a history. It's one of the three cells where prisoners dug a whole in a wall with a spoon into the vents and managed to escape... almost like in Shawshank Redemption.
They used dummy heads made of soap, cement and paint to buy some time before the guards noticed their disappearance. Clever! The prisoners were never found! #alcatraz
#Circa1980s: Yasssssss ma'am, we been #BadandBougie before the song even came out & #catchingplanes... Aloha #Maui, #justmeandmyace: "BabyBB & my Grandma" @ #HaleakalaNationalPark.... But why we so close to the mouth of this active #volcano tho?!?!?! HILARIOUS That's right my adventurous spirit came frm my Grandma, she would try anything once... She would always say, "Now baby, u can't say u been there if u don't see it & take a picture." A lesson I've never forgotten... Thanks Grandma for all ur wisdom, lessons, love, guidance and feeding my curious nature. IMISSU & LOVEU to the moon & back. Cont. #RIP 😍😍😍😍 #prettybayougirls #GrandmothersRock #SouthernBelles #jetsetters #NewOrleanstoHawaii #Mahalo
Aprecia tequila, Jetsetters? Então você vai curtir essa Patrón en Lalique em edição limitada. Trata-se de um decanter fabricado pela empresa de cristais com apenas 299 exemplares. O valor? US$ 7.500 mil. Saiba mais clicando no link na bio. #JETSETTERS #Patron #Lalique #patronenlalique #love #publipost

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