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They say eating healthy is expensive. I call bs. I saved money tonight because I ate my homemade meal before we went to the fair.
Not gonna lie though, those gyros smelled delish!!! Then, my husband made me hold one all the way back to the truck. #torture #fairfood #jessica1 #fair0 #goodchoices
Very nice and sleek design. Looks expensive! #jessica1 #watch #amazon #thecafecoupon Check it out at
Let us pay homage to the millions of sidechicks around the world who play their position and accept their fate. so let's raise our glasses to them. 🍻For men, they can only say God Bless the side chicks . For if it wasn't for them,many guys would surely lose it!meet my side chick;#Jessica1 A.K.A EDO GIRL 😘😘😘 the only girl who thinks I can't do nothing without her😏😏she owns d front seat of my #FERRARI 😂😂😂😂love you dearest