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User Image positivemishaa Posted: Mar 25, 2018 3:35 AM (UTC)

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-You have saved yourself-
Saying that these amazing men have saved you is a lie. You were the one who decided to wake up the next day. You were the one who decided to keep pushing. You were the one who decided that today was worth it- not them. These men might have helped you, but, you are the true person who did it. You have saved yourself. •

People sometimes ask “what’s the point of a fanpage?” Or, “why obsess over things/people?” The answer to that is simple: if you can find something that pushes you to tomorrow, then stick with it.
At first I just liked this show, but, it has gone far more than that. These men have helped me, moved me and put a smile on my face. The things they do, the things they say. It honestly helps. Just having someone to inspire you and help you is a big deal.
I know they can’t actually talk to me in person, and I will most likely never go to a convention, but it doesn’t have to be in person. The things that people ask and their answers are so detailed and genuine.
And when you are asking a question, they actually listen and focus. It moves me to know that they actually care about what people have to say.
And I know that some people don’t stab him, but MISHA COLLINS is a idol. He is honestly someone to look up too. He does so much for people and asks for nothing in return. All his campaigns and charity’s. The random acts and gishwes. Even the small things like, the poems on snapchat.
He does it for other people’s mental help. He is one of the best people on planets earth. Yes, Jensen and Jared help a lot as well, but, this man’s voicemail is.....ughhh. Imma have to post it.
•—-sorry for the rant :/
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