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I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure. .
📷: @dimsum_jon
Finally saying good bye to the Spoon inspired livery. It was was fun. ✌🏼 Touge Z Version 2 is taking longer than expected but once the next crate of goods come in... there will be spam. The project is more extensive than originally planned but it'll be worth it. 😍🍚🍙
Excellent. 👌🏼😲😳😍
. .
#Repost @neung_seeker
She says wrap up, but deep down she prefers it raw. Japan made. 🎌
Rocking authentic Spoon every day. It's the little details and you won't know unless you're looking. FYI, OEM wheels are dirty/dusty. 😝 #SpoonSunday
There's a human in that sleeping bag. Someone tag the owner. Still drunk from the pm festivities, bbqing, and vape wars. What happens at the track, stays at the track. 👀
With this new track only set up, total unsprung weight reduced by 10.9kg (24lb). Excludes tires. . .
. .
TE37 17x9.0 +28 (8.0kg) FRONT
CE28 17x8.0 +33 (7.4kg) REAR
. .
"According to RAYS, eliminating 1kg (2.2lbs) of unsprung weight, like that from your car’s wheels, can be as effective as shedding 15kg (33lbs) of overall vehicle weight." -SS
Cool shot of me and @shaunsy_ap1 dancing on the field. I won't be racing tomorrow but you should consider spectating if you have nothing better to do! I wish the Touge Z was buttoned up and ready to go because this round sounds super cool. 😭
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The Rd.3 x TougeStage action goes live this Saturday at Horse Thief Mile. See you there!

#VtecClubUSA #Koyorad #TougeStage 📸:@battledriven