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#inktober day 20! Futakuchi-Onna is characterised as a woman who has 2 mouths, one being in the back of her head! Folklore say it is a woman who has been inflicted with a curse or a supernatural disease! 👻
#inktober day 19! Rukurokubi, they look like humans...but with one major difference! 👻
#inktober close up! This was different to previous ones cause I was experimenting with different textures and line making!
#inktober day 18! Tsuchigumo! Literally translates as dirt/earth spider!
#inktober day 17! This piece is very different to the ones I’ve done so far and that’s because I wanted to try out different things, let me know what you think! Today’s yokai is Kamaitachi, are weasel looking spirits who ride around in dust trails cutting people with their very long nail that resembles a sickle!
Today I watched Shin Gojira (Godzilla Resurgence). It was by far one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi capture the horror that a modern society would feel when faced with a monster created from nuclear arms. Just like in the original 1954 movie, the film is very serious in tone and Godzilla himself is a symbol of nuclear destruction and suffering. The acting is fantastic, the cinematography is electrifying, and the overall Godzilla design is unique. Some of the forms of Godzilla are truly silly looking but the final form is a terrifying sight to behold. It’s an overall great movie, I recommend you check it out!
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#inktober day 16! Hyosube are small child like river monster from Kyushu. They live underwater in caves and come out at night to eat rice plants 🌱
I’m now halfway through #inktober2017 ! I’m having so much fun drawing these yokai and I hope you guys are finding it as interesting and enjoying it as much as I am! Which is your favourite so far? 👻
Inktober day 15! Gashadokuro are spirits that form a giant skeleton that is on average 15 times the size of a normal person! They roam during midnight to find lonely wanderers to bite of their heads and drink their blood! 😱
Close up of today’s #inktober ! Drawing demon pigs was defiantly a first for me 😂👹 🐖
#inktober day 14! katakirauwa! 🐖 This demon pig is often found out wandering at night. If you come across a katakirauwa keep those legs closed! As they like to slide under peoples legs and suck out their soul turning that person into a zombie! 👻
Abominable Yetis- working on the etching of this piece with my trusty hot pen! When done will be vanished 4x and ready to be sold and hung.
#diazideas. #newwork #abominablesnowmen #yeti #videoprocess #artproduction #toysrus #japanesemonsters #gargantuas
Bake Kujira for #inktober and #fridaythe13th ! This piece was very therapeutic to colour in! I was inspired by @jijidraws and her amazing ink drawings, defiantly go check them out!