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Yoga for LISS this morning as I was SOOO tight, like couldn’t touch my toes right. I always dread STARTING yoga, but then about half way through I start to like it and by the end I’m like can’t we just keep going?? I had the weirdest dream last night that me and a couple friends won a trip to visit and workout with @kelseywells Is that an odd dream? Probably. But if they actually do a giveaway meet and greet like that y’all better watch out, cause clearly I’m winning 😏😆 Dream Kelsey was very nice. The kids are off school today and tomorrow for “Fall Break” so it’s time to assemble the troops!
Selfies during leg press rests. Knee is feeling awesome and I’m putting more and more weight on it during leg days and not facing any issues. I’m am loving the way my body is responding to this consistency and I’m feeling stability in my knee I haven’t felt in a long ass time! #legday #legpress #selfie #swelfie #goals #goalsdigger #gymlife #liftheavy #gains #motivation #transformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #strong #strengthtraining #strongasamother #strongmom #moveyourbody #exercise #workout #livefit #jamieeason #jamieeasonlivefit
My little bookworm - this girl set a goal to on “bronze” for their Accelerated Reader board which meant getting 35 points (each book they read and take a test on ranges from 0.5-1 point) by the end of October. At parent teacher conferences on Tuesday her teacher told me she had not only achieved bronze, but she’d actually hit silver and gone past it to GOLD! That is 65 points and the month isn’t even out yet. She is a perfect example to me of setting goals and putting so much effort in you sail right past them. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 .
This also serves as my tag for the #firstandonly picture to take ONE picture and post it - no edits or deleting. Tagged by the gorgeous babes @sweatlifeof_dani @kels_fitlife @erinfitnessnlife 💋💋. Thank you @hiit.whit for starting a challenge that encourages us to move past perfectionism. Tagged babes let’s see yours! 💋💋
Guess who participated in #humpday & took a shitty quality bathroom quality pic bc the gym was overcrowded tonight? 🙋🏻
I had to stand in for @fitnessjourneywithliz in the picture bc the bitch worked her ass off (literally) but left before I could #swelfie (👈🏼that’s still a thing right?) 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
I don’t know what combo would be worse: Hannah & Hannah or Lizzie & Hannah 🏋🏻‍♀️🙃🏋🏻‍♀️
Good Morning! I’ve been trying extremely hard to be out of bed by 7am and at the gym at 7:30. Where do I get motivation? I set 100 alarms, my workout clothes is picked out the night before and pre workout is right next to my bed and I drink it as soon as I wake up, ooooh also new workout clothes helps 😅. Today is back and biceps! 💪
The beast made me her bitch tonight 💦 i did 10 mins on it and believe me that was pushing it. Hard to believe I was doing 30 mins a few months ok but I’m back and going for 40 mins 👊#30for30 day 4️⃣✅
#30daychallenge #gym #seeyouatthebar#jamieeason #livefit#fitness #beast#stairmaster #chest #triceps #h20#goals#setgoalsandcrushthem
It’s {O N L Y} Tuesday! Not sure if I should be celebrating or face palming. 😬🎉🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s been one of those math weeks, “If Crystal has 137 hours of work to do + 36 loads of laundry + 2 doctor appointments, how many days until she scratches her eyeballs out?” I just swept my kitchen floor and leaning down to sweep it into the dust pan I saw fruit loops and I just stopped and stared at them and thought to myself, “I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought fruit loops” 😳🙈 Been awhile since I’ve swept well 🤷🏼‍♀️
But you know what - when life gets hectic and I feel like the only time I get to sit is when I’m literally sitting in a school pick up line or when I fall into bed at night I just like to say one little thing to myself: THE KID’S ARE ALRIGHT.
And that one thing gives me all the encouragement I need to keep going or to cut myself a break. They are fed. They are clothed. They are loved. The kids are alright.And I guess so long as that remains true, I can keep hustling.
So happy Tuesday to all you mama’s out there getting up early, staying up late, pulling food out of your hair, downing caffeine on your way to work, and being just general bad asses.
You are amazing. You are valued. You are enough. You are everything. 💋
Tuesday LISS is all about those booty moves. 🍑🍑 You ever have those days that are so packed with things to do that you write a list (a LONG list) just to help your mind focus?? Today is one of those days where a little bit of my mind is focused on each individual thing I have going on so it’s hard to put ALL my attention anywhere. Being in my list, where as I cross things off I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something, and that feeling of accomplishment helps to reinforce the focus I need. Any other list makers out there?? 🙋🏼🙋🏼
Day 1 legs ✅
It felt sooo good to be back. So much sweat & pain yet so much happiness 😂😂. Today’s workout had an emphasis on glutes & hamstrings. Oooh my glutes were definitely activates at the beginning and by the end they were on 🔥. Tomorrow is Chest/shoulders/triceps. Let’s go 😛
It's finally out! @oxygenmagau 2017 Cover Girl Winner is @sophie_ocallaghan_!! Congratulations! A huge congratulations also to @kim.lawless for being Jamie Eason's pick to represent @leanbodyforher in Australia as an Ambassador and @alanaemily for earning Readers Choice! What an amazing few months it has been to be involved with this incredible competition. Well done to all the finalists, your Lean Body For Her prize packs will be sent out to you shortly!
@leanbodyforher @labradanutrition @jamieeasonmiddleton
Oh em gee, little kiddo’s soccer pictures and my mama heart is in love. Everything about these pictures is 100% the kid in them, right down to Paxton’s cheesy grin. 😂 Today’s cute soccer pictures are tomorrow’s awkward throwback. 💁🏼😍