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User Image gtmcomics Posted: Feb 25, 2018 7:26 AM (UTC)

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من اللحظات التي لا تنسى من معرض كوميك كون كويت ٢٠١٨. قابلت الممثل الشهير نيكولاي كوستر-والدو المعروف بأدوار عديدة ابرزها شخصية جيمي لانستر في مسلسل غيم اوف ثرونز.
لم اتوقع أن يكون بهذا التواضع و خفة الدم و كانت تجربة جميلة الجلوس معه و مع باقي أصحاب تذاكر الدايموند في حوار عن مهنته و مسيرته الفنية. كان بيده مسباح من سوق المباركية اثناء الجلسة.
الصورة الاولى التي تجمعني معه سيئة جداً. المصور كان فظ و قاطع نيكولاي عند مصافحته لي و سألني عن اسمي ثم قام المصور بالصراخ علي بشكل متكرر النظر اليه ليتمكن من التصوير. و بالنهاية صورة تعيسة لا يوجد بها تركيز علينا بس على الحائط خلفنا و لم يستخدم الفلاش. هذا غير ان تعديل و طباعة الصور و الألوان غير مطابقة عن شكل الواقع و انا عدلت عليها.
Another celebrity actor I had the privilege of meeting was Nicolaj Coster-Waldau. Known for many roles such as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones, Gary Gordon in Black Hawk Down and Sykes in Oblivion.
Such a great guy and he has a great sense of humor. In the diamond exclusive Q&A we asked him about his career and his experiences in making films and being cast in Game of Thrones all those years ago. He also told us about his Humanitarian work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador which is truly inspiring.
The first photo is awful and here’s why. I came up to him he shook my hand and asked me for my name. That’s when the idiot photographer yelled at me a couple of times, interrupting Nicolaj just so I can look at the camera and he can take this shitty photo. The focus is not on either of us but instead it’s on the background and he didn’t bother using a flash because who needs to take a once in a lifetime photo? The camera used in the group shot was my camera.
Special thanks for @comicconkuwait for making this happen.
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User Image theredviperoberyn Posted: Feb 25, 2018 5:42 AM (UTC)

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Don't get me wrong, I want to see Jaime have his own army of babies with Brienne. That scene in #BattleOfTheBastards when Jon is drowning in his own men? Yeah, I want that to be Jaime but with all his and Brienne's children just shouting "Daddy!" as they smother him to death. But this. I cannot be opposed to this. Can you imagine the look on Cersei's face when Sansa is all "What now bitch, I've got your man!". It would be..even you Cersei fans and Sansa haters can't deny it'd be fucking awesome and you'd wanna fist bump Sansa through the screen. Just...seeing how Cersei would respond to knowing Jaime and Sansa had been'd be wonderful. Nothing short of wonderful. Cersei has caused so much suffering to the Starks and Sansa in general. Let the damn girl have her revenge. #JaimeLannister #NikolajCosterWaldau #SophieTurner #SansaStark #CerseiLannister #LenaHeadey #GameOfThrones #GoT (yes that's actually Nikolaj(I mean..I think) No that's not actually Sophie. Like. Obviously.)
User Image cosplay_gram_love Posted: Feb 25, 2018 4:48 AM (UTC)

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Don't stop us now, the moment of truth🥇⛸ Credit to : @swetacinder
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User Image gotfacts_ir Posted: Feb 25, 2018 4:16 AM (UTC)
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🌧💜🌧صبحتون بخیر🌧💜🌧‌
‌پ.ن : اینجا شیراز هوا بارونیه😍اوضاع هوای شهر شما چطوره؟‌‌


‌‌‌‌‌‌‌🔰عضو کانال ما در تلگرام شوید🔰لینک کانال در بیو🔰

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User Image gameonstyle Posted: Feb 25, 2018 3:21 AM (UTC)

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That`s just superb!
Welcome to
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