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Does your shoulder give you trouble when doing standard presses?? This landmine shoulder press is much easier on the shoulder joint and a great option for those looking for a different pressing variation to add to their current program.

Nail the set-up for this by keeping some key points in mind: 🏋🏼Keep the bar in line with the side that is doing the pressing and as a marker, the knee that is back should be lined up with the bar.
🏋🏼The press should travel away from the body, not straight overhead. This is what makes it different than a standard press and makes it much easier on the shoulder, while still getting great work.
🏋🏼Keep the hips and shoulders square to the base of the landmine (or to the corner if you don’t have an attachment available and you are just placing a bar against a wall)
🏋🏼The elbow should stay tucked close to the body. The set up will help keep the elbow in this position but make sure to maintain throughout the movement.

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BREAKING NEWS: Jaguars have released K Jason Myers (thank fucking God finally) and have signed K Josh Lambo! Great move welcome to Jacksonville Josh!
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