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I had a blast celebrating @missmonstermash & @jessbehappee Spooky Birthday’s 🎉🎁🎂 You both are two of the sweetest Disney luvin gals I know! 😘❤️ Happy Birthday Beauties!!!🎈

•📷: @disneylandmermaid 😁
Day 23 of #31daysofhalloween is a nightmare before Christmas mashup! Jack, sally, and oogie boogie all make an appearance in this look which was so so much fun! This was actually the first look I did for 31 days of Halloween but I had it backlogged and I've finally hit the end of my backlog! I hope you guys like this look! #makeup #halloween #jackandsally #oogieboogie #nightmarebeforechristmas #jackskellington #sally #halloweenmakeup
Had an absolutely amazing night at our Stag and Doe!!! Thank you to everyone who came out tonight to support us. Thanks to our amazing parents who helped out with everything, my Aunt Kathy for making the delicious cabbage rolls, everyone who made all the delicious desserts, and all our family for dressing up and acting ridiculous like you always do 😘 Justin and I can’t wait for our wedding now less than 7 months away!!! 209 days and counting 💍💜
#nightmarebeforechristmas #jackandsally
You know Sally would definitely want to try putting Jack's head back by herself after singing love sonnets - but not without a little bit of help to reach. (May try to do this digitally sometime).
Special dedication to @darkmatternova and @briannacherrygarcia for inspiring me with their drawings and/or videos I find online!! You guys are so talented, it's wonderful to see your works.

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Working on quite a challenging order including some characters in not familiar drawing so getting in some practice before I turn to the boots!💙 #customisationshop #personalisation #handdrawing #practice #moomins #jackandsally #pencildrawings
Good morning and happy Monday, Dearest StinkyMonkeyjunkies! ❤️☕️ #backtothegrind I'll be working with this fun print today for this evening's auction action. If you'd like a custom made from this delicious print, please DM to order yours! 🐒💕 #timburton #jackskellington #jackandsally #madhatter #edwardscissorhands #timeline
Happy Mater Monday! We love us some Mater, we really do! But there is no way in heck we are waiting 30 mins in a line to take a photo with him (or any character for that matter!) 🙅🏼🙅🏻‍♂️ Our trick with getting epic pics with characters is running in front of them, getting the camera ready in selfie mode, then we wait for people to clear our shot, and SNAP! 📸 Works every time! The characters always play along if you get their attention! •

•Do you have a go-to park "trick" ?! If so, we wanna hear about it!! 👇🏼👇🏼

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