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JÄGER - un coctel explosivo a base de 56 hierbas diferentes, todo un éxito en la actualidad ya solo o mezclado con alguna bebida energética conocido como JägeeBomb (Redbull) o RipperMeister (Monster). Un licor que forma parte del disfrute, de la fiesta y de alcanzar las cotas más altas de la noche, un brindis continuo por la experiencia de vivir, una explosión de júbilo en cada chupito, comparte tu vida, tu forma de ser, tu alegría, tu autenticidad,...pero siempre siendo fiel a ti mismo. Bebe con responsabilidad. #jagerbombs // 🇬🇧 JÄGER - an explosive cocktail based on 56 different herbs, a success now or alone or mixed with some energy drink known as JägeeBomb (Redbull) or RipperMeister (Monster). A liquor that is part of the enjoyment, the party and reaching the highest levels of the night, a continuous toast for the experience of living, an explosion of joy in each shot, share your life, your way of being, your joy , your authenticity, ... but always being true to yourself. Drink responsibly.
So! Managed to spill drink all over me and had to cut about like I peed myself, nearly lost my phone again, NEARLY being the key word aaaaannnnd to top it all off, I managed to slice my foot open 😂 Still the best night out I've ever had! Love these two Trollops! #bestpals #nightout #mental #fun #funtimes #alcohol #greenwine #gin #rosetequila #jägerbombs #selfie #loveaselfie #snapchatfilters #cheesing #makingmemories
Come spend Friday the 13th with us @distriktvic 🕯
PM me if you want on the list !
I always love seeing friendly faces so come down & visit me while I’m training & 🍬 🍹grab some treats, don’t worry - no tricks ! 🎃🍂🌾 🎊🥂🍾🤡🔪🎃✨🎶🎊 #distriktnightclub #yyj #yyjevents #fridaythe13th #freddyvsjason #jägerbombs #shotsshotsshots #nightlife #nightclub #comevisit

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