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Happiest of birthday to this dime piece right here. I know that no matter what, when I'm with you I will🔹Laugh more🔹Drink more 🔹Spend more🔹Travel more🔹Enjoy life more🔹 And just have the most amazing memories to last me a life time ❤️ I wanted to post the picture from my 10th birthday party (as sort of a side by side comparison of how much we have both grown)...but it's embarrassing for both of us (Dora the explorer hair cuts and braces 😳😒😂🙈) I love you girl!! @jessi_8 😘 #HappyBirthday
Coffee in AU is still > mermaid coffee. Did I get a bad batch or something? The coffee is extra meh today 😬#coffee #ivehadbetter #isoundlikeasnob
Trying to figure out what all the hype is about. 👰🏻🍰🍦🤔 #bridescakeicecream #bluebellicecream #ivehadbetter
SOMEONE (@alaynathedancer) gave this five stars. I'm giving them a three out of five cuz the service was above and beyond and the chicken breast was actually chicken breast... #chickncone #meh #ivehadbetter
Tonight's Halloween look/ attempt: Jack Skellington. For how much I love him, I feel like this look is a total, disappointing fail. I had to decorate the background to try to feel better about it.🙈Haha! I used the white & black cream makeup I got from @walmart for .98 cents each. If I were to do this look again, I would water down the white cream makeup because it was way too thick & chunky. The black applied so smoothly with a few drops of water, but the white didn't get as good of a consistency... I really wanted to do some shading with grey eyeshadow, but the white had to be applied so thick to get any kind of coverage that it kept picking up on my eyeshadow brush, & ruining the look. I ended up covering my shading attempts (splotches😩) with white again & just hoped for the best. I'll revisit this look again someday, & "get it right... next time!" I'm sharing this anyway because it's a lesson for myself that it's always a good idea to practice a look if you want it to turn out the way you want!
Another #night another #market. We have definitely been to better markets than the #Liuhe night market, "the best night market in Taiwan". It was pretty small and had very little variation. Also we were missing @brian_oj56
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