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cjunyun 53m ago
호치민 ITO 컨퍼런스
전세계 유명 IT관련 기업들과
관련 산업기업들의 참석

Entrepreneurism isn't a glamorous business when you are starting out, it's hard grind and unsociable hours yet you have to be switched on all the time and wear your 'Game Face' from the moment you get up. Got a full day of meetings this morning so my days starts at 3.45am rather than 9am as I'm headed back to London. Thanks Poznan, it's been a brilliant trip and I'm looking forward to coming back again! 🛩🛩 #JustKeepMoving #QuigleyMedia #entrepreneurlife #coffeeloversoftheworldunite
久しぶりのhand made ❁︎
ミシン要らないし簡単だからハマりそう ♩
希依ちゃん付けてくれるかな 〜
早くお洋服とかも作りたいな( ˊᵕˋ )
#パッチンピン #handmade
#minaperhonen #kii_made
Alcohol! Because no great love story starts with a salad... Join us tonight for appetizers, drinks, and LIVE MUSIC
Today’s pick is Tomie by Junji Ito. The complete deluxe edition pictured contains the entire run of the series that sporadically ran from 1987-2000.
Tomie is a beautiful young girl that turns out to be an immortal succubus. Men hopelessly fall for her and eventually end up going insane. Tomie even ends up being killed by the men she bewitches only to come back to life. It is a vicious cycle.Tomie regenerates and you see more of her supernatural abilities as the story progresses. The collection plays out as an anthology as Tomie wrecks lives and turns everything into a living nightmare.
Junji Ito’s art is clean and has a classic, not terribly stylized manga lookso when a horror/violent scene is drawn it has a very jarring effect. These scenes are range from disturbing, unsettling, bizarre to just gross. You never know how things are go by to turn out and what is going to happen next. Totally unpredictable storytelling. I believe Ito’s work is the pinnacle of not just Japanese horror, but horror comics as a whole. I’ll have at least 2 more works of his on this horror list. Can’t recommend his work enough!
#tomie #junjiito #manga #horror #horrorcomics #japan #vizmedia #anthology #ito #succubus #japanesehorror
Reflections of Poznan; a wallet full of business cards for my database, several LinkedIn requests already received, a conference call already confirmed in the diary, an invitation from a prospect to visit their operations in Wroclaw, lots of valuable conversations and very useful market insights to inform my strategy moving forward, and a request for me to speak at a Euro-wide industry event in Brussels in June next year. When you open yourself up to the possibility of 'what if?', and are prepared to put yourself out there, wonderful things can happen. #Believe #KeepMovingForward #careeradvice #entrepreneur #QuigleyMedia #Poznan #Stunning

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