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dwd_85 7m ago
Here's my last two working sets from today's session. 90kg for two singles. In fact, the last set I went for a double but lost balance and couldn't get it up! That would have been another PR!! Never mind, there's always next time, hey! 😅
Still pretty stoked with how today's session panned out anyways!
Triple numbers are on the horizon! 🤜🏼💥
dwd_85 12m ago
**If your going to work on something, work on getting stronger. Nobody can say they gave that to you, and they sure as hell can't take it away from you!**
Hit the gym for a press session this morning, got some good strict presses in at 70kg & 80kg which I'm super happy with as I've missed OHP day for a week or so, also 80kg strict for 3 is a PR and rep PR! Followed up with 2 single push presses at 90kg (vid to follow).
Assistance work was short and sweet. Another session straight from the night shift so there was no fucking about, just in the gym, get my shit done and get the fuck outa there!! 👊🏼
Day 4 of my 6 day routine this morning! I've been in the gym for a bit but I had to set up shop for my routine. I'm trying out a bunch of new techniques primarily for my back routine. There's nothing that gets me more excited than adding new techniques to my weekly routine!! 😆😆 #determined #Motivated #Hungry #Driven #BackDay #Abs #bodybuilding #bodysculpting #midwestmuscle #IronPalace #iowa #IronAddict #HomeAwayFromHome #MySanctuary #MyObession #GAT #goals #stayactive #IStayOnMyGrind #striveforgreatness #isymfs #InMyZone #instafit #Consistency #dedication #letsgo
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