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😂 thank you for this amazing face 😂
For a chance to be featured on next weeks #fridayfeature feature message me your amazing faces or tag #facesinarchitecture
Hi! I’m Dollie! 👋🏼 I’m sweet, do you must be sour.
raifmah 17h ago
Poor Olof ☃️... Not much left of him 😕
But hey! He’s still happy ❄️
raifmah 18h ago
Ok, ok, OK!!! I will talk! Just stop tickling me 😂😂
Question and Answer Time! Round 7. Influences. •
Question: Do you feel that getting lessons, personal methods, personal views of what is creative, from those other than yourself, effects or influences the trust or confidence you have in yourself as a naturally creative spiritual/human being? @earliamart

Answer: I feel hopeful about the world when I experience human creativity and that’s a huge reason why I enjoy Instagram so much. When I am attuned to the full force of an artist’s creativity, risk taking, uniqueness, it inspires me greatly to want to do that too. The medium that influences me the most is music. I listen to almost every genre and am deeply grateful for the experience. I don’t, however, listen while walking the dogs and making faces because I need to be fully present.

Question: Have the other pages of faces been an influence for choosing and creating your own faces? @jimmy_blue_

Answer: I get inspiration from everyone I follow on Instagram. @skipism has created some really unique little characters that make me want to try harder, get weirder, take more risks. @pareidolia_pic posts strictly “as is” photos that look like other things and I admire his eagle eyes. @iericdcline was doing a one a day ephemeral abstract art project that inspired me to improve my overall composition and not just focus on the face. @toolywoofles post 3 pics a day as a typtic and her gallery page is beautiful to look at. I go there a lot. I try to make my gallery page look good too; stay in a color scheme, alternate light and dark, vary the subject matter. @hazimeal only posts great photos and makes me want to be more ruthless with what I share. @anormnam is photographing the same streets that I am but so different. He is the best LA photographer; captures the soul of LA. Many, many other instagramers inspire me and I wish I could list everyone here. I love your galleries!

Thank you so much for these questions friends!

Sidewalk Face 559. Halloween is bringing out the night time freaks.

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