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Sony | Dream Machine | Music | Finishing off the week with some music in the studio today! 🕺While Apple, Amazon, Google, Sonos etc are bombarding us with ‘smart’ speakers which talk and listen, I’m perfectly content with my Sony Dream Machine with it’s redundant IPod compatible 30 pin dock! The sound from this little beauty is pretty incredible, and despite its lack of Bluetooth connectivity (I bought it in 2012) it still keeps the studio filled with music, and wakes me up every morning (we have one in our bedroom too!) In the pics I’ve docked my old iPod classic for show but it now leads a new life as an external hard drive! 💪
Wow look what @petersidwell85 found today in the office store cupboard #ipodclassic #newstuff anyone else out there got one of these ?
이 좋은 날씨 가버리기 전에 또 평일 일탈. 밭에서 상추랑 토마토 따와서 즉석 샌드위치&카프레세 🍽 #picnicvibes #caprese #ciabatta #jblclip2 #ipodclassic
Got the old rig running again. Feels good.
배만년만에 재상봉 아이팟ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅜ
Look at the beauty i found at my brother’s house. This is gonna be a life saver! #apple #ipodclassic #nostalgia #2000s #musiclover #oldandnew
Alright people in the know. My #ipodclassic wont turn on, won’t reset, and won’t do anything even when connected to my computer. No lights, no noises, nothing. Is it... gone? 😥
London has been insanely good! I'm now traveling back to Wales and have three important things: a classic iPod because the battery lasts forever, A Stephen King book cause why not and a bottle of coke. @shutupteri thank you for putting up with me and thank you for a sick time! #london #travel #Stephenking #ipodclassic

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