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lion47 4d ago
Avocado 🥑 salad 4 ways . For the basic recipe you’ll need ; 3 ripe avocados , 3 hard boiled eggs , the zest and juice of 1 lemon 🍋, 1 flat tea spoon salt and a pinch of white freshly ground pepper . Place all ingredients in food processor and mix till thick consistency . Divide in 4 equal portions to each we incorporate a different ingredient . 1 ) I blend in 1 flat table spoon of finely grated horse reddish . 2 ) I combine with 1 diced green chilly . 3) incorporate 1/4 cup chives .4) combine with 1 table spoon spring onions and capers . Delicious for breakfast or a starter. Double the ingredients for 8 servings . A vegetarian delight !
lion47 3w ago
Amiram this giant burger 🍔 is my ‘catch of the day ‘ 😜.At least once a month I have to get my fix of junk . Hence I don’t feel deprived . Heaven forbid !
lion47 4w ago
Traditional slow baked goose for Jewish New Years dinner with Hungarian style spice rub . Side dishes ; basmati rice with blue plums , beetroot and horse reddish salad ,pomegranate, toasted walnut , lettuce salad , string beans with toasted sesame seeds . Combining flavors from the Old Country ( Transylvania) and modernizing it with light mediterranean flavors is very satisfying .