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Aquí casual #Cleotilde en el #rockandrun ... xq ella también es atleta !! 🏃🏻‍♀️🎃🖤🤣😂
This just popped up from last year and made me #lol It’s been a traditional photo for @official_isabella_shin to take a pic picking the nose of one of these birds/guys at the pumpkin farm. She started doing it years ago all on her own. Last year She one upped it and “kissed” the bird 😂🤣😂 Looking forward to going next week and seeing what she has up her sleeve this time... 😉#silly .
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Birthday #beforeandaftermakeup pic! Besides having fun doing this comparison pic, I've gotta say, this particular bday weekend has been super busy, emotional + eye opening. Kicked it off with dropping my daughter off at preschool for her 1st field trip. She was so nervous about riding the bus, wouldn't let go of me, but of course she eventually did and had a great time! Then I attended a super fun Elf 1 Year Anniv event where I got to meet some awesome women who I'm so happy to now be connected with on IG. Dad had bypass surgery and today the best present I could've received was visiting him for the 1st time post-op, holding his hand while he opened his eyes and tried to communicate via head nods, eyes moving and pointing his finger. He isn't very comfy with his breathing tube, but soon, he'll be on his feet and back to his old self. I also felt so grateful to have met and connected with his nurse today who shared with me her personal breast cancer survivor story. Lastly, I enjoyed a night home with my amazing family where we got to spend time with each other making new memories. My husband took care of the meal and getting everything ready so that I didn't have to work hard at all on my bday...he is the best hubs and father I could ever ask for! I am so grateful for my life and everyone in it. Life certainly isn't easy and there are so many struggles, but I'm def in a transitional period right now where I'm feeling more gratitude than ever. I'm also very much living my life in a way where yes, I have to do what I have to do to help support my family, but I'm also all about doing what energizes u. For me, it's Music (which I hope to bring more of to you here), Makeup and Mommyhood! I'm still finding my voice here on's a journey and I'm glad I started it. Here's to making my last year in my 30's the best I possibly can, by conquering my fears, living in the moment, continuing gratitude, staying true to myself and setting a good example for our children. I'm certainly not perfect and a work in progress. Life for me is always 2 steps forward, 1 step back. If u made it to the end of this post, thank u so much for reading and I hope to connect with u more!

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