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: بچه ها ، پشمك 😍
پشمك ، بچه ها 😬
پ.ن : سعى مى كنم تا يه مدت عكس پشمكمو نذارم ديگه 😬🙈
و اينكه پست داراى دوتا عكسه 😁
#iphoneogrphy #vscocam #vsco
A surprise to most I'm sure, I've traveled all around the world, but haven't visited my own back yard! First time in #SanFransisco 😃🌬🌁
Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself. #SelfReflection ⛰🌲
As life continues to move faster and faster, it's important to remember there is beauty in simplicity. #NatureVibes 🌲🌲
Morning hike with good friend @pottola in Eugene, OR. Excited to help him pack up, and move back to LA! #MovingDay
What a releaf! Thankfully I have my toiletries so I can spruce up before we branch out. Overall satisfactree experience. #StumpDump 🌲💩
The Rangers messed up our camping permit. Had to send the scouting party to find a new campsite. 🚤🏔

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