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When you join a new gym and NO ONE is here at 6am!!! ✌️😂
Workout complete ✅
#IOwnThisBitch #GoodMorning
I remember this day very well, me and "the boy cat" they brought into my living space. He never gave me a moment of peace and relentlessly tortured me. We still live together but this time I run the show. I made him my slave and he submits to me now. Nice try boy cat, this is my house now.
FINALLY after all this time I buy myself a kick ass mattress for my bad back. The iLE will finally give me a good night sleep compared to the shitty mattress I have now AND the kick ass bells and whistles base should be amazing too. 8k bed for a little over 5k. Totally worth it!!!! @sleepnumber #sleepnumber #newbed #paidcash #iownthisbitch #excited #abouttime
Happy 16th Birthday to my Best Friend 😘😘. I love u the most (i won't write a long ass para so be happy with it now sleep) rest I'll tell u tomorrow
#Happybirthday #bestfriends #sweet16 #IOwnThisBitch
Hello. My name is Thunder Lightning McQueen. I realize this picture is not sharp or clear, but I'm sure that you can see how my person was trying to take a picture of HER! I simply couldn't let that happen without inserting myself. #thundercat #catsofinstagram #iownthisbitch #nicetry