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User Image samanthaarmellino Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:43 PM (UTC)

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This isn’t a pretty post but it is my truth. Part of being honest with yourself is owning it & honoring your voice. The truth of having an invisible disease can force you into feeling shame for not looking sick & people not understanding you because you look just fine, extreme exhaustion for the constant flight or fight in your body, feeling embarrassed to share your illness & lastly the hopeless feeling of... will I feel like me again? I just want to be -“normal” again. I don’t share this for pity or sympathy because I’m blessed beyond words for countless things. I share because I pray that my journey through all of its struggles to wellness can perhaps inspire someone who needs courage to take a step. Take that first step whatever that means to you to your health. I have an auto immune disease, ulcerative colitis and am on my 5th remicade infusion and can’t believe how hard it was for me to share this until now. Thank you to all who love, support and believe in me so that I can smile today and not look back. I can look forward and know that everything is going to be alright. Today I thrive ...I no longer just survive. #wellnessjourney #ulcerativecolitissurvivor #takealeapoffaith #remicadeinfusion #beliveinyourself #courage #invisibleillness #mindfulness #ibdwarrior
User Image puredoodle Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:40 PM (UTC)

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It’s been a long week and with a long week comes it’s ups and downs. This week my health has been iffy, I’ve been extremely fatigued, very dizzy and having troubles with regulating my body temperature. On the other hand my boy has done amazing he has started to learn new tasks and tricks and have picked them up really fast!! He also was able to pick up when I was in pain and started to act needy when I was having a dizzy spell and hopefully it wasn’t just a one time thing and he actually picked up on something not just wanting attention ;) #goldendoodle #goldensofinstagram #doodle #doodlelove #puppy #dog #servicedog #chronicillness #invisibleillness
User Image dr.razavian Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:31 PM (UTC)

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ساخت پست و کور و نحوه چسباندن
خیلی از بیماران می پرسند که پست و کور چیه ؟
دندانی که دیواره تاج خودش رو براثر پوسیدگی یا ضربه از دست داده اگر فقط ترمیم بشه بعد از مدتی ترمیم خواهد افتاد. اما اگر پست و کور ساخته بشه چون برای بازسازی تاج دندان از ریشه دندان کمک میگیریم درصد شکست کار بسیار کمتر میشه.پست و کور ابتدا داخل دندان چسبانده شده و سپس قالبگیری و روکش انجام میشه که شما در این فیلم مراحل رو می تونید ببینید 😎😊🙄🤗😷👌
Dental post and core cementation and impression with additional silicone material to make crown.
#تهران_اتکال#مواد قالبگیری _دندان#روکش_سرامیکی #روکش_زیرکونیا #روکش_دندان #دندان_قدام_فک #دندانپزشكي #دندانپزشک_زیبایی #dental_crown_bridge #dental_crown_bridge #smile_design#دندانپزشکی #دندانپزشک #دندانپزشک_اطفال #دندانپزشک_زیبایی #عصب_کشی #عصبکشی #لامینت #لمینت #جرمگیری#دندانپزشک_بدون درد#health #chronicpain #chronicpainwarrior #htfla #chronicpainawarness #chronicillness #invisibleillness #chronicpainsurvivor #endurance
User Image this_sminks Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:19 PM (UTC)

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I hung out with 3 kids today and totally wore an appropriate tee. 💁‍♀️🔮💫
P.s No one seemed to want to say hello to me at soft play and honestly, it’s their loss. I am a delight.
In addition to the interviews I will be conducting this weekend, I decided to expand the Q&A to online! The link will be in my bio for the remainder of the weekend, feel free to share with everyone you know! Non-Endo Sister AND Endo Sister feed back is welcome!! 💛🎗✨
User Image amberfaithfulfit Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:12 PM (UTC)

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Trust is HARD! Wanting results NOW is common! We live in a world of FAST, QUICK, and EASY!!
But fast, quick, and easy won't sustain you long term! Microwaved food isn't as good as slow roasted, is it? Good results take time, effort, and commitment!
There is no magic pill or miracle program! There is hard work, determination, sacrifice, sweat, tears, resilience, fight, pain, struggle, and then accomplishment and results!
An 80 day program is hard! Trusting the workouts & the nutrition is hard! Trusting that I need to eat more to reach my goals is hard! Trusting that my body can do this is hard! But it's so worth it! Today's cardio workout is the most difficult day for me, but I don't stop, I don't skip it! I stay focused on the long term and I finish what I started!
Are you ready to begin!? All it takes is ONE CHOICE & you have that power! Just say YES! 👇💌
User Image agirlwithlyme Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:10 PM (UTC)

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I love this purple lipstick 😍
Currently captioning today’s video, it the sister tag!
I woke up today with a lot of pain in my ankles so it’s very painful for me to walk- I usually don’t have pain in my ankles so it’s quite unusual. Hoping it passes and doesn’t get worse. ✌🏻💖
#ChronicLyme #LymeDisease #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #CFSME #Fibromyalgia #Fibro #ChronicIllness #ChronicallyIll #InvisibleIllness #invisibleillnessawareness #Disabled #Disability #Spoonie #Lymie #ChronicLife #LymeWarrior #LymeDontKillMyVibe #ChronicPainWarrior #SpoonieCommunity #Selfie #SaturdaySelfie
User Image gastroparesisnerd Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:09 PM (UTC)

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When you’ve been revising all day, threw up a couple of minutes ago but still got to go socialise... the mask of a spoonie! #gastroparesis #gastroparesiswarrior #chronicallyill #spoonie #mask #smile #socialise #sickbowl #invisibleillness #butyoudontlooksick
User Image quiche_la_poodle Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:08 PM (UTC)

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Day 46 🌱 No breakfast today as is planned a calorific dinner! 🌱 Lunch - rice cakes with hummus and tortillas 🌱 Dinner - had a friend round for dinner so I made pasta with a creamy, pepper and sausage sauce 🌱 Pud. Well, well, well. These vanilla pastries from @lidluk have to be the vegan find of the century. They are heavy on the calories (if you’re counting) at 470 each (yikes) but they are pretty huge and they taste amazing. Incredibly flaky and the sweet vanilla custard is just beautiful. I’m stocking up before they sell out! 🌱 Calories - 1500 #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodshare #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #whatveganseat #lidl #veganfinds #lidlvegan #caloriecounting #vegantreats #accidentallyvegan #weightloss #livingwithendometriosis #invisibleillness
User Image ohtheolsons Posted: Feb 17, 2018 8:54 PM (UTC)

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"The Nutracker" is a commonly requested soundtrack around here ever since G saw it live in December. 1st video from December, taken by an observing, tired mama bear. 2nd video taken February, with a participating mama thanks to an energy high! The high is crashing big time, and teaching me how much I live for moments like this.

#lymedontkillmyvibe #suckitlyme #nutcrackersuite
User Image arenbass Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:05 PM (UTC)
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Just live! ❤️
User Image project_happy_movement Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:03 PM (UTC)

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