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I had always dreamed of being a dancer or a gymnast as a teenager- to do something amazing with a body that I was so uncomfortable in. I struggled with my weight from a young age and battled with eating disorders for most of my life. I did my first dance class at 16 when I started performing arts at college, but I was rubbish at it, I really wanted to be good but I was so body conscious and felt really awkward and it took me ages to get the steps compared to the girls who had started dancing at 4 years old!! So I quit and did music instead (which I was much better at!;) but I still always wanted to do amazing things with my body, I didn’t think I ever would or could. Then I started to get more into yoga, I wasn’t very good at it when I began, and it was an on off love affair for a very long time.
Now people always ask or presume that I was a dancer or a gymnast 🤸‍♂️ and when they ask me it always makes me smile and think about that awkward girl so uncomfortable in her skin Thankyou Yoga for helping me make friends with a body that could always do amazing stuff, I just needed to believe in it and give her some time ❤️
It’s never too late to rewrite your story beauties. You can do amazing things! ....
My beautiful friend @moretoyoga is doing a discussion on body positivity @stretch_london on Saturday- I can’t recommend highly enough ❤️
My first attempt at the bent-arm inverted straddle. #inversion #parallettes
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There’s a different kind of listening we use for the subtle shifts of physical consciousness when the breath untangles the tightness of the body in order to place it into more intricate postures. You become curious to the process, and that inquiry can keep you grounded in reality. There’s an unfolding in the rearrangement. You ask the body if it can go somewhere, and if it doesn’t go willingly, you have to probe, asking yourself, “Is this my ego here that wants to push or can I go a little further?”
I love that question. Sometimes I bail, sometimes I stay and push. But I try to ask this question in all exercises I do....Crossfit, running, weightlifting, HIIT style workouts....bc everything is yoga—or yoga is everything? 😂❤️
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Practice headstands while putting washing out, norms lol. The #metoo is making me sad, I can't even count the amount of times nor do I want to remember and not just males, I've been sexually assaulted by a female customer and she wasn't even into women #metoo #forall #headstandfun #practice #yogaeverydamnday #inversion #havefun #moveforward #evolve #yogi
GM 😍🤗
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Day 2️⃣ 😊 ▶️▶️▶️ any #inversion into #crowpose and my variation ➡️ #handstand into #bakasana with #yogastrap
#Стойканаруках#Бакасана 💪🏼
Хотела и обратно в стойку вернуться, но сил пока не хватает😤 оставлю здесь, все равно для меня это большой #прогресс - руки начали сгибаться потихоньку👍🏼😅 начало положено😉 дело за малым - тренить 💪🏼👊🏼
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Inversions are more fun with the risk of face planting into a rock 🤣 I seem to be much stronger and more stable when it’s high stakes! 😂😂 #rockon🤘
Finally, a professional shot of this new concept I have been playing with 😃😃! Thank you Danny Boulet! #wittypixelphotography
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laceang 38m ago
Key things to remember when you want to partner up and assist an inversion:
1️⃣ Have a wide, stable base. Warrior stance works best!
2️⃣ Give the practitioner space to find their balance, feel their bodies and the muscles they need to engage. As much as possible, let them get the lift themselves. They may not get into the pose immediately, but it will help them eventually be able to do the pose on their own.
3️⃣ If there's fear of falling, just let them feel you behind them to know they have support when needed. One option is to lightly let your knee or hand touch their back, without pushing.
4️⃣ Give them the freedom to exit the pose anytime they need to. Should you need to hold them up, make sure you keep their legs free!☝🏼
As always, safety comes first! Before you do your inversion, make sure you have the alignment of the base right, and you know how to safely exit the pose. Once you're ready, then go ahead and partner up! Have fun!🤸🏻‍♀️🙃
⏩⏩⏩More photos⏩⏩⏩
So, when you learn to do a split, in pretty much any sport/practice, you are told to keep your hips square. But, you quickly realize that it’s much harder with your hips square, and, as you keep practicing, you realize you can probably get all the way down if you just open your hips a little bit. Right? 😋So then you do, and then you have a split, but instead of opening the hips like it’s supposed to, it furthers tension (in the back hip in particular) and makes it more difficult to create space there in the future after those bad habits. 😖Not to mention, years of this inevitably create back pain, hip/pelvis imbalances, overstretched ligaments, etc. 🙄This is a silly example, but it’s my favorite, because we do this to ourselves everywhere! [Now, with the splits, if you were like me and your coaches sat on you and made you go down- have no fear! Just start doing them correctly now. You can start now.] But for the rest of your life, make the decision to see the whole picture. To not skip over tight spots or tough spots just to get the result. Massage the tight spot, work through the challenge, and watch the results come at you more powerfully than if you had cheated your way there. 😝👊 Be willing. See yourself. Love every freakin corner of it. 😍💙

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