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Haha motherfuckers! It's international women's day so guess what I'm going to do? Post a fucking pic of MYSELF!
You heard right! That filthy-mouth, panty-wetting, cum-bubbling commentary is coming from me. Surprised?
Don't be. Women are just as dirty-minded as men are. Don't hate me because I don't have a beard. #beardthefuckup #btfu #internationalwomensday #motherfuckers
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20/10 đi 3 chày từ sáng sớm đến chiều mới đc về thì có bạn zai nhỏ đi đón và nhận dc quà của Công ty an ủi dã man 🤣
#bíu #2010 #internationalwomensday #bom #like4like #followforfollow
Vietnam, Saigon & Mekong Delta, Day 6: it's National Women's Day in Vietnam. It's held here twice a year - on International Women's Day on 8 March, and again on 20 October. Women have traditionally been subject to severe oppression and ill-treatment in Vietnam, so there has been, and still is, much to overcome. National Women's Day is mentioned by many men and women you meet around town, and it's referenced in signs all over Saigon, so it's very much in the popular national psyche. It's intended to promote female emancipation, empowerment, education and economic, political and social achievement. Women also receive gifts from husbands, partners and male friends. And two women I met today gleefully told me that you can do what you like and men can't say anything! This picture, by the way, is one I took yesterday of a woman rowing a sampan in the Mekong Delta. #vietnam #saigon #mekongdelta #nationalwomensday #internationalwomansday #internationalwomensday #femaleempowerment #femaleeducation #vietnamnationalwomenday #2017
Repost from @laurajack_jewellery one of the founding members of NOD: Just have to take a moment to be a proud female on #internationalwomensday to be so lucky to be a part of something like NOD, on display and sharing some of our other NOD artists at #schmuck in #munich sharing a booth with 7 other amazing women (thankyou guys so much for allowing us here).. Thanks @stephiemorawetz for inviting me to be a part of this, and thanks @lets_get_astonish_ed for being so awesome #yourock #notonlydecoration
Hôm nay đi uống ts mà 3 đứa nhân viên toàn là bạn mình, thế là chúng nó vừa pha ts vừa chửi là "Đ hiểu sao 2 đứa m lại uống 2 vị giống nhau, gọi cái khác đi để thử vị mới".
Ô hô nhưng mà nhìn lại thì chả còn vị nào là vị mới cả. Trà thì ko thích mà trà sữa thì uống gần hết cả cái menu rồi còn gì.
Thiết nghĩ boba nên tặng thẻ thành viên cho chúng t đi. Customer service thì tệ vch mà vẫn chăm chỉ đến. Lần trc đến gặp con HL, chưa kịp dựng xe đã bị nó chửi "Mẹ m, chúng m lại đến đây làm gì? Riêng 2 con này phải size XXL" =]]]
Đợi halloween rồi quay lại boba uống ts túi máu cho mới mẻ vậy
À, và cái topping hạt đẹp đã phá hủy cốc ts của chúng t hôm nay, chẳng ngon giìii
#bobapop #milktea #20_10 #internationalwomensday #darjeeling #mess
#Repost from @zahahadidarchitects by @BatchSave
“Your success will not be determined by your gender or your ethnicity, but only on the scope of your dreams and your hard work to achieve them.” #ZahaHadid to @BBC #PostcardToMyYoungerSelf2016 #InternationalWomensDay #WomenInArchitecture @zahahadiddesign
Phụ nữ đến từ chiếc xương sườn của người đàn ông...
Họ được sinh ra từ bên hông, tượng trưng cho sự bình đẳng.
Phía dưới cánh tay để được chở che...
Và ngay cạnh trái tim để được yêu thương ❤️🌹 #internationalwomensday #ngayquoctephunu #womenday #motivate #lifestyle #lifequotes #workingmom #motherofthree 🤳
Today is National #SpiritDay and I’m taking the pledge to continue to stand against bullying. This specific cause is something that’s hits extremely close to home. When I was younger I was relentlessly bullied everyday. Some days were easier than others, but my Self-Confidence was nonexistent till very recently because others wanted to project their anger, confusion, and frustration towards me. I was an easy target as I was un-Secure with my self, Kind to everyone and I was different. I remember thinking just how badly I wanted to fit, and if this or that we’re different that I would be so much better. But today I can proudly say that everything that makes me different are the things that make me especially proud of the person I am today. Never let anybody make you think that you are less than others because your different, Because the things that make us different are the things that will take you to incredible places, meet incredible people, and keep you INCREDIBLE! I know sometimes this is hard to believe but I promise you staying awkward, weird, different, unique or whatever will make your life amazing! And never think for one minute you should have to deal with this on your own. If someone or a group of people is bullying you tell someone you trust. Life is hard sometimes, but we all deserve to be treated with Kindness everyday. XOXO 💜☮️🔮 #BeTheChange

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