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전용 동네 미장원이 문을 일찍닫아서 다른 미장원갓는데 미용사아주머니 저 맘에 안드세여,,,,?(당분간 약속못나간다 애드라)
Exercise of the week: Landmine Corner Press .
🐶 Not everyone has the capacity to overhead press, in comes the #landminecornerpress a safer on the shoulder option that doesn’t require a lot of mobility for those that don’t have it. The cross body exercise also gets the hips and core involved and is a great mix up for experienced lifters as well!
Give it a try!
Let me tell u about my 🚘car..
My car turned 12 years old this year and has 150,000 miles. The radio works on and off, one of the back doors seldom opens, and there's a small hole in the floor of the driver seat 🙈. I could do a lot better... I probably should too :), but it gets me from point A to B😜. Life's all about choices. This trip would have cost me approx. 7mths of car payments (if i had one). Mi nuh mek out a money and nobody nah mind me. We all have our thing and we all make our choices. So when it came down to this view 👆👆👆versus a car note.....guess which one I chose ;) #ExperiencesNeverDepreciate
0mmmme 1h ago
ㅇ ㅓ제의 무리로 인해 코피 두번
그래도 어제 민증검사 당했다٩( ᐛ )و٩( ᐛ )و

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