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This island, which rises 350 feet out of the water, isn't made of white stone. Those are birds... thousands and thousands of gannets.
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★ Photographer: @theelysianphotography
★ Location: Glencoe
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16 miles on the bike and 3 tons of camera gear on my back to see the Mirror Man - and he was already taken down 😂 However we came across these lovely falls and hoped the sun would come out for a moment to give us some colour. However it didn't so I've whacked up the saturation and you can all just pretend instead 🤣
Predating stonehenge by approximately 2000 years, these bronze age standing stones are a sight to behold. Partially due to their ruined nature, they weren't quite as tall or circular as I'd imagined,  but still a monumental feat to drag and erect these gargantuan stones.

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