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Custom disk brake mounting flange for a 3/4in axle. My only regret was drilling the bolt hole pattern before doing the finishing pass on the back. Does anyone know how to mitigate those pesky streaks in the surface finish it causes? #instamachinist
Spent some time milling and turning today. Made a replacement handle for the south bend lathe out of some random bar of steel.

First 3 pictures are me milling a hex-shaped pocket on the CNC (and it begging to stop most of the time). It seems to be technically capable of milling steel.

The last one is of it after I took it to the lathe and made a nice handle feature on it. Wish I remembered to take more pictures during that part.

#southbend #lathe #instamachinist #CNC #makepartsforthemachine #selfreplicating
aderhan 40m ago
Monarch is getting some much needed attention after taking second fiddle to the Rollin saw for a little while. Lotsa copper being pulled today. #10ee #monarch10ee #instamachinist #mechanicalengineering #sparky
I've sold these ABS Delete Blocks in limited batches but after many requests to make more, I'm making a bigger batch and will put them on the site. They come in three styles to fit most all Subaru applications. These are very dangerous because they replace the ABS pump, which means no ABS brakes. Some intelligence required. #aluminatius #instamachinist #cnc #cncporn #cncmachining #subaru #subaruporn #subarulove #subarupower #subarunation #flat4nation #sti #wrx #wrxsti
The first swings of my experimental W3 clock. You can see the pendulum receiving an impulse on its 48th oscillation. Note that the clock is not yet adjusted. There is still a lot of components to fabricate and a ton of finishing to do.
#clockmaking #watchmaking #horlogerie #horology #watches #watchporn #instawatch #independentwatchmaking #machinist #lathe #milling #instamachinist #handmade #handcrafted #bespoke #artisan #noCNC #madeincanada @horlogerie.u.robert
Some offset parts I made awhile back on our @mazakcorp Quickturn 250 MSY
Made a custom reloading tray for a friend. Came out great. He's reloading 6.5 Creedmoor rounds. #aluminatius #instamachinist #guns #gunthings #cnc #cncporn #cncmachining
Here is the finished "passive" pallet system. Ready for anodize. After anodize it will get the two diamond pins for locating the pallets and a 1/2-13 threaded insert. The pallets are held down with a counterbored bolt. Lastly it gets a lasercut silicone gasket in the pocket to prevent chips and coolant from getting underneath. This came from my need for a super low cost pallet system, so it is supposed to be as simple as it gets. #instamachinist #cncmachinist #cncmilling #workholding #pallet
My shop is in my basement, a walk out basement thank god. But it's part of the house. Roughly five years ago when my now wife and her three kids moved in living quarters got tight. To relieve the burden of a small house I built a spare bedroom for my oldest stepson in part of my shop. Naturally I grumbled that I would lose space but it actually forced me to be more efficient with my workspace and flow. It made everything better. With the growth of my tool making and the growth of the children things were getting tight again. About six months ago my lovely wife said to me: "I think it's time for you to build your own shop." Always trying to make my wife happy I said "Ummm, OK!" I mulled over where to put the new shop, not too far from the house but not too close. My property is very hilly with little flat area. The chicken coop in the picture is where I decided the shop should go. That means the coop and run had to move. After a Sunday on the bucket tractor and a lot of rigging and yarning the coop is in its new home and I have a space to start my new shop. It's both exciting and terrifying because of the cost involved. I will try to do as much as possible myself but it's still a lot of money. Exciting times ahead, and lots of pics (most likely starting in the spring)!
Some before and after on a rough sanding to prep them for polishing. These will eventually go to chrome after they are polished.
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