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Повтор зеленого снуда но в другом цвете. Фактура чуть рыхлее и объемнее. 🌬
Состав: пряжа 30% шерсть, 70% акрил.
Все для вас, чтобы не замерзли. Мы сами не очень любим холода и, согласитесь, очень важно в такую погоду чтобы было комфортно и тепло. ⛄

Возможен вариант в других цветах. 🌈
Для заказа пишите в директ с пометкой "хочу заказать снуд". 📩
Звоните/пишите: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram - +7 (926) 337 87 05 📲
The Fresh Feedback combo is available on Jimmy Sock, McQueen Silk Sock & Trevor Morgan DK! Weights for all the fades!
🎶”This is the scarf that never ends, Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some lady started knitting it not knowing what it was, and she’ll continue knitting it forever just because this is the scarf that never ends....”🎶
Anyone know what song this is or where it’s from? (If you were born after the 80’s then you are exempt from this question)😜
I blocked this beauty last night, just in time for the market tonight! I have a few things left to do and a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for bags and paper and then I’m ready to go. I’m equally nervous and excited about doing my first Market out here...prayers and good vibes greatly appreciated!! ❤️
Anyone else have markets this weekend?? .
Thats what I’m up to today, thank you so much for asking Amanda @amandakait!! 💕
Would @thecozyknot and @yarnrepublic like to share what they are working on? No pressure! 😊
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