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Tonight I'm going to bed not the same person I felt waking up this morning. As a budding professional of my field, i know how hard it can be to ask for help or support, but just as I am authentic in my practice, i find value in being authentic with myself even in the hard yards. I found who I needed to speak to, got the advice and support I needed and boy may I say, the inner flame is well and truly lit! I've had energy and adrenaline all day - and by gosh it's a good feeling! Helped ever so slightly by coffee and a solid cardio sesh tonight 😜 moral of the caption - we all need support and guidance, encouragement and to be heard. Remember the feeling when you do and am. It'll keep on driving you 💜👊🏻🙌🏻
colwage 12m ago
Sometimes we just need a change of perspective!

Hoping all my Kiwi friends have enjoyed a much needed long weekend break! And to the rest of the world happy Monday!

May this week bring you much happiness, joy, laughter, productivity, great results and achievement, and if nothing else then may you at least know this: you are incredible! Yes you! All of you, every single inch, with every breath, with every move... you are an incredible human being. Just accept it and live it.


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