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Three cheers for treason! #fourthofjuly #treason #why #nonpatriotic #freedom #merica #murica #taxationistheft #everythingisacorporation #bigbrotherdoesntcare #timeforaneerevolution #maythesouthnotriseagain

Want a great America? End institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, and ageism. Want a great America? Stop being ignorant to the darkness that is our past as a country.
Want a great America? How about you try loving people without hesitation? #done #instagramprotest #fireworks #are #from #china
lyudat 1y ago
С добрым утром! Солнце с утра понедельника- уже не так грустно! И да, не забываем включить подписку на мои новые посты в иг. Завтра запускают новый алгоритм. И если вы все еще хотите меня видеть в своей ленте, то лучше включить подписку. Иначе я не пробъюсь сквозь многотысячные профили( и вы ничего новенького и красивого не увидите(
это безобразие!😡😡😡
вводится режим появления постов как в ФБ - ИГ будем сам решать, что бы вам понравилось (и проплаченные посты, естессно, именно тут собака порылась!), а нужные вам или реально интересные посты свалятся вниз! скорее всего вы их и не увидите за шквалом ненужного😡😡😡😡
поздравляю - манипулирование сознанием добралось и сюда!
ставьте post notification на интересующие вас источники (это можно настроить в профиле)
Подписать петицию можно на #гады #keepitchronological #instagramprotest #instagramchronological #bullshit #Москва #Россия #подпишись #петиция #протест
I couldn't have put it better myself .. (Repost from @flourishleatherco) "So much talk about how Instagram is changing and what we aren't talking about is growth! Every time something changes online... Facebook, Instagram, Twitter we look at what we lose but not how much we gain. Are you fearful that you'll miss our posts? See the 3 dots in the upper right corner of this photo? "Turn on post notifications!" OR ENGAGE! You must like & comment on accounts that you WANT to see in your feed... That is how your feed will work. Make sure you are an active user or you'll miss out and there's no reason to miss out when you are, essentially, in control. // What about growth? For Instagram businesses who rely on this service to showcase new items, alert to sales, or interact.... It's time to find a new way to engage your users! Do not be scared, angry, or frustrated. This growth will only prove to be useful as the novelty & evolution of social media continues to serve our purpose. Nothing stays the same forever.... It's a unique time that we live in where someone can start a business in their home and run it solely online. It's good to be adaptable and stretch our thinking. // Instead of fearing change... Let's be the change. Watch us all change the system as we learn with it and master social media." #letsdothis #smallbusinessowners #instagramprotest #makethechange #bethechange #mineralmakeup #cosmetics #naturalbeauty
lyudat 1y ago
Для тех, кто не знает! Инстаграмм вводит новый алгоритм появления постов в ленте, похожий на фейсбук. Все бы ничего, да вот только все посты не сильно популярные или активные с точки зрения количества активности и лайков, но на которые вы подписаны так как они вам интересны, скорее всего уйдут из вашей ленты или скатяться в самый конец, так что вы их не будете видеть. Это может произойти и с моими постами. Поэтому |ВАЖНО|делаем две вещи: включаем post notification на мой профиль в настройках, чтобы вас уведомляли о том что я разместила что-то новое (иначе всю красоту пропустите), И бойкотируем ИГ на сегодняшний день - не заходим, не лайкаем, не постим. #instagramprotest #keepitchronological #silenceinstagram #instagramsilence
bimlu 1y ago
Dear @instagram, I like you but please keep it chronological. 💕
Love, me
Forever returning to that beautiful place of experimentation. There is a real beauty in letting things be chaotic before deciding on a particular style. Still creating and recreating a voice in art feels real and true. Puts a simple smile on my face.
There is word that Instagram is going to start reorganizing what will show up in your regular feed. This will detract away from less popular posts that your friends and family submit. Please go to and sign the petition against this. This is one way you can support me and many other artists trying to make a name for themselves.
#art #drawing #illustration #zen #lovingkindness #blackandgrey #monochrome #drawingeveryday #simple #meditation #doless #instagramprotest
Just like @sweet_liberty_life I'm having a 'sew in' on Friday 18th to protest against the proposed changes happening here on IG. #silentsewin #instagramprotest #keepinstagramchronological
If you've never been whale watching you're missing out 🐋
RANT: Irritated & getting tired of IG's random blocking of comments to peeps I regularly follow & converse with, especially my yoga peeps! 😡 #innerpeace is getting harder to achieve, even AFTER explaining why they're wrong. It'll be better in a few days, but then it'll happen again in a week or two. 👎🏻 #IGprotest #InstaProtest #InstagramProtest
Accessible education for all! Stop tuition hikes. The teaching assistants and graduate assistants on strike are not only workers they are students . To pay for tuition, they rely on funding packages for the work they do as employees at York University. Funding for graduate studies is under threat, and the York Administration wants to make higher education even more expensive . They are on strike to defend the principle that education should be accessible for all. B E T H E C H A N G E. PRESSURE ADMINISTRATION | SUPPORT ONLINE FB: studentsforabetteryork , cupe3903 TWITTER: #undergradsolidarity @cupe3903comms #instagramprotest #freeeducation #toronto #justhelpingout #bestfriendwantstobeateacher
After looking through 100s of #STOPSPAMANDFAKE hashtags, liking posts and reposting the creative ones I created a #STOPSPAMANDFAKE myself with #rhonnadesigns :) This will be my last post for today and I really hope that @Instagram executives finally will get the hint that we #igers are not happy with fake accounts who like our posts only to advertise their business. Spam Out! ~mooziqu #blacksunday #instagramprotest #spamout #nomorespam #instagramforigers #igersunited #blockthespam #people #goodtime #instagood #swag
Is it wrong to want to say this to people who post pictures of their healthy recipes? #sorrynotsorry #instagramprotest #yourheathyrecipessoundabsolutelydisgusting #weirdgirldiets
My protest against the change of policy on instagram. It might be farewell come January 16th... What do people think? #instagramprotest #protest

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