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[To the one and only Sixy Batman 🐥:] I couldn't put all of my feelings into words but I know that without these peeps in my life, I would still have just been a shy, lazy and a lack-of-confidence guy floating around in school. Everyone's presence really made me wanna work harder for y'all and make sure all of us can strive together. I really appreciate and loved the company that we had together, from the meetings to dinners. .
Infinite thanks to me bubz for listening to my heartfelt thingy that I don't share at all and enduring all of my cryings since day 1. Also thank you for helping me to become a better person and a better leader, just like you.
Thank you for having each other's back for the whole time! I really appreciate all of them.
감사해요 and 사랑해요 친구야! 👯
Of course to our dearest Saman, without her guiding all of us with her heart, I wouldn't have known how to improve myself and to also meet this new awesome FAM. She is just like our pillars of life! .
And of course, must thank your leader HP for spending so much time and effort to help all of us complete our project even though he have FYP to balance with. Also thank you for enduring all of our crap. .
Finally, to the rest of my group mates, Ningning, DYSDYS, Marc, Jie Ying, HoFun, Uncle Joshua and Denden. Many thanks to all of you for being in my life and bringing in so much fun and laughter in every meetings that we had and to also teach me how to be a better person.
Even though we had our damn highs and lows for the past whole year, we managed to pulled them through and did something awesome for the kids. And FINALLY, WE HAVE GRADUATED and got promoted from Aspirants to Leaders altogether. .
All of this that happened is something cannot be bought with money. And all the time spent for this have just became worth it. Even though our journey as Youth ReachOut has ended, but our journey together as Sixy Batman will only begin and never ends.
Lub you guyssss all!! .
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