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User Image loytaum Posted: Mar 22, 2018 2:30 AM (UTC)
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User Image ms_monikaa_ Posted: Mar 22, 2018 2:29 AM (UTC)
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If you would’ve never hurt me the way you did, I would have never woken up from the Missery I was in. Thank you deeply. The universe is powerful listen to it. I have never felt more alive then where I am right now. Truly thankful. #youarewhatyouattract #dontlooseyourself #dontloosesight #workinghard💪 #focused #thismomentiownit👑 #Queen #workaddict #womenempoweringwomen #bemotivated #wearyourcrownwell #instawow #instafashion #instagirls
User Image mommypoiy Posted: Mar 22, 2018 2:19 AM (UTC)

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(Warning: long #mommydiaries post)

Dear Ate Zak and (soon to be) Ate Zoei,

We will be welcoming the newest member of our family very very soon and you two are very ecstatic about it. Ate Zak, you have been a great Ate to Zoei and I know you will be the same to baby Z. You have been very understanding and patient. There were times that you would loose your temper but not to the point of hurting your sister. You have a very kind and loving heart that I sometimes question myself if I deserve a daughter like you.
Zoei, thank you because you agreed and gave us permission to have another baby in the family. It took a while for you to agree to this and your permission really matters to us. And now you are very excited! However, I'm still anxious on how you would react when baby Z's finally out. You are different from your Ate but you have ur special ways that amazes us everyday. And i can feel that you will be a great Ate to your baby brother too.
You two would be the bestest Ates baby Z could ever have. So good luck to the girls! They have a very big shoes to fill in!hahaha As early as now, I would like to thank you two for the love that you're giving to baby Z. We have a lot of adjustments to make but I'm sure this would just be easy with you two helping us on this. Always know that we love you so much and baby Z's coming will never make us love you less. We are so proud of you two!!! You two will always be Mom's baby girls! I love you with all of my heart and soul! .
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