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My favourite pet; Ethereal Soul-Trader 💕 Wearing a few pieces you can buy from him. Are you a pet collector, and which pet is your favourite? 😊
Exploration, Day: 35.
What better way to celebrate my 100th post than the discovery of a 4th earth-like world! I also take advantage of the opportunity to thank all those who follow me in my adventures: thanks a lot guys and stay tuned for 100 more !🖖🤓o7
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I allowed myself to sleep longer today. Was nice, but didn't help 😅 Any tip on how to not be so tired all the time? Only thing that seems to work is coffee but I don't wanna get too addicted to it (1 cup after breakfast and I already get a nasty headache the days I dont drink coffee). I sleep 7-8 hrs and I wake up dead. Maybe it's the winter, or maybe I have to find one more hobby lol
Got it! 🐇 Today is idd a good day 😀
I can recommend using the following team vs Algalon;
▪ Unborn Val'kyr 2-2-1
▪Spring Rabbit 2-2-2
▪Emerald Proto-Whelp 1-1-2
1) Val'kyr: Curse, Haunt.
2) Rabbit: Dodge, Stampede, any.
3) Swap to Whelp: Emerald Dream, Breath, any.
4) Val'kyr auto-in again: Curse, Haunt.
5) Rabbit: Dodge, Stampede.
6) Whelp: Breath, then simply keep it alive using dream and blessing.
7) Both active pets will die from Apocalypse but the Val'kyr will still be alive, making YOU the victor👍
⚠The rabbit can be any rabbit as long as it has dodge and stampede.
🌷Credit to Gameroze on🌷
Don't forget to go to Feralas today (Feb 23) if you want this cutie to accompany you 😍
🐣How to do it:
▪Go to southwestern Feralas, close to "Ruins of Isildien". The nests will be on the western side of that area close to the mountains.
▪Find a nest or a yellow marker on the minimap. ▪Stand on the egg that's (hopefully) in the nest. ▪Wait until the egg disappears and you get the cutie on your shoulder.
▪It will stay for 24 hrs but the rare closeby will drop an item that makes it stay for 5 days instead (faction tag i think). The rare will be attackable when you have the hatchling on you.

⚠Warning! The hatchling buff will apparently disappear if you join a BG or arena. I'm guessing the same thing will happen if you die but I haven't tried it
Found this shot in my oooold screenshot folder 😍 I've been looking for these pictures for ages! They were on a half broken external hard drive (my cat chewed on it, like many other things 😥) and they're now in a safer place. You can't see the character well, but it's my hunter before I made her horde 😊
The hidden spot in Orgrimmar. There isn't an official statement about it as far as I know, but many say it's a tribute to Michael Koiter. He was an artist at Blizzard but passed away before WoW was released. You can find at least one more tribute to him in game 😊 The trick to this place involves a big mount, alt-f4 and flying 🕊

SOON WEEKEND! HYPE! (Cake inc lol)
Oh sweet colourful LFR 😂 Worse run than first week of the part's release. But pretty! 🙄
The crew. *trying to act tough*

How's your easter? 🐇🐣 We've had a nice and sunny spring but ended up getting a snowstorm last Friday, got about 20cm snow in some hours and most of it is still left. So we egg hunted indoors instead yesterday😊 My family's tradition is to get clues where to find the next clue and after about 4 of them, u reach an egg with candy in it. Took the longest for my dad to finish it and guess who had written the clues for him... 😅 I thought "Storage for comedy weapons" would be tricky but not too bad (where they keep the pans), but I had to tell him which room it was in and still he struggled lol

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