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This can relate to any aspect of your life: relationships, fitness, school etc. Sometimes we try to be overly in control of things that we're either not in control of or things that just really don't need to be controlled because we're probably just not patient with it.

In another perspective, Learn what you need to learn about whatever you're trying to accomplish & then take on the goal & APPLY the knowledge. LEARN & then APPLY & if it doesn't work for you, THEN change it but you first have to try in general. For example: Don't waste your time trying new diets every week to think that you're never going to lose weight.. Things take time & if you keep trying to speedup the process, you're going to have a negative consquence of some sort. Not everything happens right away and if you give up.. You'll never know what could of been. #reflecting #motivation #instamood #inspiration #inspirelayne #howbaddoyouwantit #grind #mondaymotivation
I don't look "my leanest" every day & I'm far from "perfect" but striving for progress rather than perfection has gifted me with perseverance and patience. Trial and error has kept me going because two steps back always brought me three steps forward. I have yet a long way to go, but paying attention to the journey will get you (or me) to the destination much more accurately rather than focusing only on the endpoint.
Every day/week/month when you analyze your progress you might not notice much of a difference but once you see how far you've come, you can easily use that as consistent motivation.
Plan, Prepare & Prosper.
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"You're the CEO of your own life. Start making decisions now that drive the vision you've always dreamed of." #motivation #drive #consistency #passion #inspiration #inspirelayne #keepgoing #nevergiveup #girlswholift #fit #fitness
Get out of your comfort zone; feel the burn. Do something tomorrow that you didn't do today (something beneficial of course). I rarely do pullups but honestly they're my weakness. This one goes to @petyahh ! She is a beast at pullups & man am I motivated to do pullups more. Surround yourself with those who motivate you in positive ways. I honestly could not be more grateful to be so close with someone who has come so far & never gave up on herself nor me. Shoutout to the baddest bestfriend who motivates me everyday. Love you. 🏋🏼 #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #fit #fitness #fitfriends #swole #backattack #pullups #back #motivation #inspiration #inspirelayne
Nothing like late night gym sessions that clear your mind (with a selfie)>>>>>
Still carving off this fluff but hey it's only february😏💪🏼😅
#backattack #itwasntevenbackday #inspirelayne #laynenorton #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #back #consistency
One in a million, my lucky strike.
I love you all so much, and I hope you know that. Someone always comments when I've had a bad day and they make me feel better without even knowing what's going on. (if that makes sense😬)
I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to.
I've been spending these past few weeks battling my depression, making decisions for my future, and figuring myself out. I still don't really know who I am but I'll find soon.
Hey y'all. I'm back from my "break". (aka me forgetting to post for three+ weeks)
I have new photos though. We're all good. I'll be posting for a week or so, until I go off to summer camp. #yay
In other news, the local theater is putting on Les Mis in the fall. Auditions are next month. I really really really REALLY want to audition, but my voice sucks so..
I'm staring at the mess I made.
Ugh. Everything is so freaking annoying. School. Family. Friends. Myself. The boy I quite possibly love. His girlfriend.
I turn 16 tomorrow ☺😛
On another note, I added a cloudy pinkish filter to this and I really love it.
Have a marvelous night, everyone!

p.s. I get to see The Great Gatsby with one of my best friends tomorrow night, AND I get my hair cut👏🐧
Young and Beautiful.
Okay, so I wasn't going to post a fourth photo, but I have two things to say:
1) If anyone has kiked me, I didn't receive them because the app is being a jerk.
2) Does anyone here watch The Office? If so, hAVE YOU SEEN THE LAST FEW EPISODES OH MY WORD I'VE CRIED THROUGH THEM ALL. Because Pam and Jim, and then with Dwight😱😭😍 perf.
I have a very critical family, and some very critical friends (my bestie however, isn't). If I told them I write poetry, I'd be criticized for that, too.
"They ask me why I constantly wear socks, why I don't ever smile with teeth, why I'm starting to wear a lot more makeup, and why I don't eat as much anymore."
"And what do you tell them?"
"I say that I have insecurities that I don't want people seeing, and that I'm trying to be pretty."
My insecurities include everything from my feet to my hairline. Makeup doesn't help my nose look smaller, and my efforts to lose a little bit of weight makes other people think I'm anorexic.
This is how to be a heartbreaker.
Heyyo! Springtime is here, (probably not for long because Illinois has crappy weather 95% of the time), but for now that means the bokeh photos are back!
Enjoy the mini spam tonight :)