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kimded 7s ago
Day Twenty-One of #Inktober2017

Today’s theme was "Furious"

Decided to instead doing something furious I would instead take it a a cue to draw something that makes me furious, that being a closed mind and heart, ones that are bound to their own rigid way of thinking or feeling, incapable of seeing the other as anything worthwhile, or considering something outside their rigid inflexible thinking... ahem... anyway... started off in biro, then PITT pens, and finished off with some ink wash/painting.

ira_zee 51s ago
Day 21 - Poisoned Apple: ”Here, this one is for you. For the things you go through. One more problem that’ll hurt you. And then you are screwed too. So take this apple I grew. And your wish will come true”
#drawtober2017 #inktober2017
Playing around on an AquaBoard with Inktense Pencils! 🖌
@cbrancacio this board is amazing! Thank you for the stamping/watercolor idea 💕
Stamp shown is "Blooming Bouquet" by @altenewllc

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